Chen Wenjin didn’t expect that Wang Shuai would openly say this,Wondering if it is the future Wang Shuai,Would never do this。Can’t help but wonder if Wang Shuai is ready to attract more people。

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three Take the initiative
Tank couldn’t help but ask curiously:“Justice League?What are you doing?Club?”
“What club!Freeze said!”Wang Shuai quickly denied,go on:“The fortune teller said I was in trouble,Must do more to resolve,And you need to be with the horoscope。It just so happens that Chen Wenjin’s eight characters are surprisingly suitable for me,He is also in a disaster and needs to do good and accumulate virtue,We two discuss,Decided to form a justice league。Special punishment。”
“Isn’t Yang Shan to do good and accumulate virtue??”Some people find it strange。
“Normal is,But Chen Wenjin and I are too hard,The evil spirit is very heavy,Yang Shan’s good deeds will harm the people we help,Can only rely on punishing evil and accumulating virtue,Villain,We deserve to be affected by our evil spirits,If the evil spirits hurt good people because of Yang Shan,,We are losing merit。”
Chen Wenjin listen,Too lazy to answer,Just secretly feel,Wang Shuai’s bullshit,It’s a set,The key is that the logical chain is complete,So serious。And this reason,It also avoids hurting the feelings of people who have known the tank for a long time。
If there is no such rumors,Tanks and other good friends must feel hurt,Think Wang Shuai is looking for Chen Wenjin but not them,I underestimated the friendship with them。
But there’s such a goof,Others can’t blame Wang Shuai。
What the master said,The disagreement is destined,Have no idea!
“That this,Can we join?”The tank sounds interesting,Punish evil,It’s like a heroic dream。
“I have to ask the master with your eight characters to be sure,Because the master said,Chen Wenjin’s horoscope,Brutal and heavy,It’s okay to be friends or something,It’s okay to do things together,But cannot have a clear name,Otherwise, it will hurt others’ luck。If the horoscope is inappropriate,Can’t join,But it’s okay to help,It can’t be said that they belong to the Justice League with us。”Wang Shuai’s nonsense left room to absorb people in the future,But there is a valid reason to refuse anyone in the future。
Horoscope,What the master said,Even if others are rejected,How can you have a temper??
“Then I will write you the time,Count me if appropriate!”The tank is very active。
Others are also enthusiastically willing to join,Wang Shuai nodded and said yes,Let the big guys work out the exact time of birth。
At the end,Said to the tank again:“Tell Chen Wenjin about the situation,I must be fine here,As long as he doesn’t object,This is set。”