Since it cannot be resolved,Xin Zhao didn’t bother to keep this energy,Then you have to use your own energy for defense,In case Xin Zhao sleeps,,Accidentally relaxed,At that time, this little energy will directly break through his heart。

Then Xin Zhao can see Yan Luo in his sleep。
As for that little energy,Is easily excreted from the body,Nothing bloody happened。
Feel the sufficient energy in the body,Xin Zhao thinks he can do it again。
But when he saw the four beauties opposite,He closed his eyes again。
low profile,Before enjoying the fruits of victory,Must be low-key, not low-key。
In the cabin at this time,The atmosphere is a bit quiet。
Xin Zhao pretended to sleep there,Liu Chuang was a little bit self-blaming there,Lena didn’t know what she was thinking,And Qilin and Qiangwei are worried about their next,Rui Mengmeng worked hard to reduce his sense of existence there。
“Attention to all,Has reached the sky over the Juxia,Please prepare to land!”
A briefing made six people widen their eyes at the same time,Lena sitting next to her stood up“Open the hatch,Then jump down one by one,Xin Zhao, can you?!I can’t let Liu Chuang hold you!”
Let Liu Chuang hold,Then how does Xin Zhao meet people?!
“no need,No need to troubleshoot,I just go down by myself!”Xin Zhao directly rejected Liu Chuang’s kindness,joke,If it’s Qilin or Qiangwei,Even Rui Mengmeng,He can accept,What the hell is Liu Chuang?。
Xin Zhao doesn’t want others to think when he changed his sexual orientation。
“That Liu Chuang first jumped!”
Jumping off the plane,Liu Chuang is used to it,But he is more concerned about Xin Zhao’s physical condition at this time。“Letter,Do you want……”
Xin Zhao directly rejected Liu Chuang’s words,Kidding this is!