Rosemary brought Chen Geng a bad news:Chrysler officially rejected Fernandez’s request to purchase automatic transmission technology and patents。

Chen Geng nodded,After so long,This result did not surprise him,He is just curious:“What is the reason for Chrysler’s refusal?”
“Chrysler said that they are not considering selling automatic transmission technology.。”
“Don’t consider it yet?”
“Ok,”Rosemary nodded,A bit of mockery on his face。“But they also said,If our Fernandez company needs to purchase automatic transmissions,They can provide us at the best price。
correct,I still couldn’t and Li·Iacocca contact,This is what Chrysler Vice President Mark told me。”
What Rosemary said to her boss before“The reason why Chrysler refused to sell its automatic transmission technology to Fernandez,Because of Lee·Iacocca is upset about the cooperation between Fernandez and Ford Motor Company”Is still skeptical,I feel Li·Iacocca’s capabilities,This should not be possible,But when she gave Li several times·Iacocca call,Li·Iacocca’s secretary“Sorry,Mr. Iacocca is in a meeting now”or“Sorry,Mr. Iacocca is busy”After rejecting the reason,Rosemary will know,Lee·Iacocca really refused to sell the automatic transmission technology to Fernandez for this absurd reason.。
Chen Geng was not surprised by this result,Nodded:“Normal,Did I say it before。”
“Ok,”Rosemary nodded,Then said:“But Mark hinted to me in his words,In fact, if we really want a gearbox from Chrysler, it’s not impossible……”
“But the premise is not to cooperate with Ford,Right?”Without waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng laughed。
Rosemary laughed too:“almost,Although it’s not so direct,But that’s what it means……boss,I think the recent Chrysler is a bit bloated,I don’t want them to crawl out of that mud pit,Who depends on whose help?In the terms of your Chinese people,Their approach is……Yes……”
“Grace and revenge。”
“Yep,This is it,Grace and revenge,”Rosemary nodded immediately:“Your Chinese idioms are so appropriate……These bastards,Don’t think about it,If you didn’t design such an excellent car for them,Can their Chrysler get out of the crisis so quickly??”
“Don’t think so,”Chen Geng looks pretty open,He waved his hand and said:“They give money,Let’s design,No one owes anyone,Although Chrysler relies on the products we design to get out of the quagmire,But you have to see that they have paid a huge price that no other OEM is willing to pay……I can understand Lee·Mr. Iacocca wants to tie us to Chrysler。”
But understanding is one thing,Laozi happy、Not happy is another matter,You want to tie Lao Tzu to your Chrysler、Tied to you lee·Iacocca’s body,I have to be willing to do it。
Rosemary understood her boss’s expression,So she waited expectantly for her boss’ next decision。
“Since they are not happy,We can’t force it,”Chen Gengdao:“You can contact Ford again,Ask them if they are willing to sell us the technology and patents of the automatic transmission,Ok,tell them,Can directly deduct the design fee to us。”