but,quickly,Leo discovered the strangeness around him,The blood seems to be still filling。

And when Scarlet completely wraps the surroundings。
“As a swordsman,You should know the way of killing,The characteristic of the way of killing is to confuse and frighten opponents,now,Feel the fear!”
Krodar laughed crazily,Like crazy。
At the same time countless volitional shocks are coming towards Leo。
“bad,This kid,Reminded him,How come?”Seeing Leo wrapped in blood,Karp directly took out the nosebleed。
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After the formation of the blood red field of Clodas,The surroundings began to emit will constantly。
Not very concentrated,But in every direction, countless wills continue to strike。
Leo frowned slightly,This trick is so dirty!
“Leo,Hurry away from him!”Warring States quickly reminded。