Two demon women exchange eyes,Leave a little wrong,With the spring thirty mother waved a spider web,Two people run together,Back to the black store to get warmer。

In the power of foreign enemies,Plastic evolution into ceramics,Immediately sisters are affectionate。
Awkward night,Dead。
With the scream of a blind,Two demon women are like the enemy,The source of sound is the small courtyard of Zunbao,White crystal can’t help itchy,Decide to take a risk to explore。
Spring 30 brides another idea,I went out with her group.,Also avoid the tragedy of the captured。
After that, it is shaved to the Zunbao by White Crystal.,A flame bomb,Burned to cry,It is also a must-have a man who has lost his beard.。
Spring 30 mother can think if it is thought,Although there is no three 痣 at the foot of the festival,But with the stinky monkey is too similar,To say that these two people have no relationships,She is not believed.。
Heart is suspected,She smears the door of the two people.,Put it on the bed,An electric eye is forced,Take the soul to turn it into two or five。
One said one,This is a wrong chess,Who is unlucky?,Spring 3y mother will definitely pay for this。
Next day,Liao Jiefang door is hammered,He stopped and sitting,Get up and open the door,Side avoided the flying to Zunbao,By the way,I fell him to a big horse.。
“You are oh,It turned out to be a helper,One said one,You become a singular fruit from kiwifruit,I haven’t appreciated it yet.。”
Liao Jie joke,Continue to damage:“but,You are a bunch of people.,There is just a big gift.,I can’t afford it.。”
“Military division saves me!”
Supreme treasure,Tears glad, grabbed Liao Jie’s sleeve:“Bad thing,I scrape my face,Getting with you,Crystal girl actually does not completely,Also said that I didn’t feel the beard.,I didn’t do my head.?”
“Helper,Confidence,White girl just wants to be an ordinary friend with you,You still have a head。”
“Toned,She stinks me,Say I have a monkey,This is no longer refused,But humiliated,How do you make friends??”
“Dogs and humans are the best friends。”
Short silence,Supreme Tynote squeezed two drops of tears:“military adviser,I want you to know your friends.,It is poor to be the first love.,Why do you lose me??”
“Not me to lose you,This is the meaning of the white girl。”
Liao Jie shrugged:“For women,Men divide two,A dog,A dog man,You have no chance to do her dog man,The pair of seats can only be a dog.。”
I rely on,You are really truetReason!
To respect the treasure is speechless,But he is very unwilling to give up,As long as you can get it,What do you have a dog?。
He insists:“military adviser,You are the seniors in the lapie,Excerpt,Not arrested,Can you teach an excessive in the bottom of the two strokes?,It’s so good to do it.,Ling Jingjing girl。”
“It is better to try the blood of the blood.。”
“military adviser,Trouble care,I’m serious,Even bearded。”
When a non-trimming man begins to pay attention to dress,Explain that he has an event tonight,But if he succeeds,Explain not just tonight,This event will last for a long time。
This is visible,Supreme treasure did not lie,He is indeed serious。
“military adviser,I vowed to the sky,My true life is there.。”
To respect the treasure serious face:“When I saw the crystal girl,My heart is awkward,Unfair,Is true love,This feeling should be understood。”
Rare,Who is still a lot of love?!
“Helper,The least lack of men’s life is true love,If you have this feeling for the first time,Explain that the beauty you have seen too little。”
Liao Jie shot to the shoulders of Zunbao,Try to pull him again:“As for the superior experience,I really have a hand of the box.,This tricks pay attention to talent,Love Mo Can,Help you can’t learn。”
“You don’t say how to know that I don’t come.?”