Golden big snake,Tiger King,The three guys, three guys can’t help but explode.,But this is still not issued.,Just expose an export type。
After all, it is the beauty of Hu Meier.。
They are very hot in their hearts.。
Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Dongxing,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Lin proud and others are not standing,Isn’t it a face??
Can you go back behind a woman。
“Don’t take care of the face at this time,Ask your heart。”Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation smiled and spit out a few words。
Golden big snake,Tiger King,The evil turtle http://www.125938.cn is out of this time.,Don’t this show your face??
“I am willing!”Lin Ao’s figure came out and grinned and laughed.:“I am not mixed again.,It is estimated that after a few years,I can pick me with my big nephew.。”
“Ha ha,makes sense,Go back if it is a monk,Nasty。”Dongxing haha smiled。
“necessary,Can’t read jokes by the two nepheses。”Xu Wenqiang,Hong Hai,Huang Mao,Two tigers,The four people also grinned。
Golden big snake,Tiger King,The three guys do not speak。
“it is good,Since you choose this path,I fully support you.!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“From you,Bo Si’an will hang a wind,This spree will get more and more,The martial arts civilization on the earth will go to a new peak!”
“Thank you big brother!”
Everyone heard a respectful gift。
“I will build a central college here.!”Lin Feng carrys the http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn double hand:“Anyone who entered the Central Institute must condense,Here is the cradle of cultivating nine heavy people.!”
Tell this,What makes everyone discolored。
In this case,Let the golden forces of the seven continent four oceans have heard the feelings,The big leader of the gold forces is eligible to do students here.,And you must be young,Otherwise, there is no qualification to enter this college.。
“Big brother,You this is a big hand。”Lin Ao thumbs up。
“Big hand!”Big flying and others have thumbs up,Not to take Lin Feng’s 马屁,But this is just an ancient thing.,It can be said that it also occupies the meaning of the era on milestones in the earthquarf.。
“I have served。”Golden big snake spit out two words:“Just this Central Institute is probably difficult to do,There are a few qualifications to serve as teachers here.?”
“Hey-hey,You don’t have to ask this.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Do you have three??Do they have eight??Are you qualified to have a teacher here.。”
“Big brother,Let’s take a sword now,If it is a military word,We must browse all the information on the sword。”Lin proud suddenly。
“Yes,Big brother。”Several people have also heard of words。
“You can rest assured,I will give you resources.,Of course, it is a year to create a deadline.,Depending on your own situation。”Lin Feng explained:“Cannouns!”
NS1146chapter Father and son reunion
“Lin Big,But auxiliary blood of Phoenix,Ever。”Golden big toner smiled and looked at Lin Feng’s Phoenix avatar。
“good,This is a good attention.。”Tiger Wang also laughs and laughs:“This makes it upon。”
Big fly,Dongxing,Tiger Wang and others heard the gods,Also staring at Lin Feng’s Phoenix Incaround。