Cervical Yoga for White Collars

Cervical Yoga for White Collars

White-collar office workers are in and out of high-end office buildings and have a job everyone admires.

However, due to professional reasons, working at the desk all day, facing the computer, most white-collar workers reduce cervical and lumbar discomfort to varying degrees.

Tianyue Yoga senior coach has designed cervical yoga training for this group of people. Long-term adherence will improve our spinal pain.

  1. With ostrich legs separated by shoulder width, lean down, put your hands under the soles of your feet, let the palms communicate with them, raise your head when you inhale, and slowly relax when you exhale.

This posture can improve cervical spine fatigue, and can be done in conjunction with pug style.

  2, lying flat on the fish, arching the body when inhaling, the head and head support the body, forming a hole in the back; knees fold back and cross, palms close or intersect to hold the elbow joint.

Exhale slowly and relax, lying flat.

This action can place the stress points and extension points on the cervical spine, at the same time it is very helpful for lumbar spine health, and it can also eliminate the above wrinkles.

Beginners can straighten their legs, which is greatly reduced, and the exercise goal is more clear3. The two actions of turtle-style breathing are the turtle that protrudes from the shell.

With your knees open, your body sits upright, your calf slumped back to the base of your thighs; your upper body leans forward, your palms open, and when you inhale, your cervical spine is lifted and your chin is raised.

When exhaling, the lower jaw is close to the top, and the focus of the movement is decreasing.

Turtle type mainly exercises the complications of cervical spine, and it is also very helpful for shaping the neck line and eliminating double chin.

  4. The cat presses to keep kneeling position, with both hands and knees as the support points for gravity. When inhaling, lower the forward, raise the chin upwards, at the same time, tilt forward and lift upwards, hold down and press down, and armsStraighten; while exhaling, arch the top so that your chin and chest are close.

The four-point cat fracture action can effectively exercise the muscles of the hips and abdomen, making the spine more flexible and reducing the complications.

  5. Dog with broken hands and toes to support the body, legs should be contracted as much as possible, head should be tilted backwards during inhalation, so that the vertical front side is fully stretched, arms are perpendicular to the ground, and slowly exhaled to return to normal position when exhaling.

This posture is helpful for the 26 spinal cords to fully stretch and stretch, stimulate the connection between the spinal cord and the spinal cord, and is very helpful for the nourishment of the brain.

  6, Pug legs straight, try to separate, upper body leaning down, both hands to support the ground, keeping forward.

When inhaling, tilt your hands vertically and lift your head up. When exhaling, use the top of your head, elbows, and feet as support points for gravity to keep your back low.

If you find it too difficult, you can bend your legs slightly to reduce the pressure on the ligaments.

  Exercise is the best way to treat cervical spondylosis.

From an anatomical point of view, the muscle groups of the whole body are almost radial and are closely related to the cervical vertebra. Any exercise is a coordinated and balanced exercise of the whole body, so the cervical spine will be exercised.

In the case of preventing sports injuries, it is very beneficial to appropriately increase the frequency and intensity of exercise.

The yoga instructor designed this part of the yoga practice specifically for the cervical spine, will activate the cervical spine area, relieve spinal pressure, and promote cervical health.