But the weaker party may also have his own reasons in it,Otherwise, why is he always a disadvantaged group?。

Obviously all people can rely on their own efforts,Rely on your true level to be who you want to be,But they have to use this kind of entrepreneurial model that they know is not proper to make money。
Obviously a group of unmotivated people,If they rely on their true talents to do something,Maybe they can support themselves now,Life is very good。
Don’t worry about it anymore,Or have been immersed in this kind of grief。This matter can be considered a satisfactory solution。
Then Yiming and Chu Yao also got their corresponding education,Because Xiao Fan has the clearest grasp of this matter from beginning to end。
Although he asked Chu Yao to investigate,But in fact, through his own ability, he can fully understand the truth behind this incident。
So when Chu Yao was asked to solve these things,He has always been able to see their solutions from behind,I can also feel Chu Yao’s anger,。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty One relax
But it was because Xiao Fan saw Chu Yao’s anger,I just want to give them a lesson,Let them know that sometimes their compassion may be delivered to the wrong person。
Because many people do some things that are not as pitiful as you think。But Xiao Fan didn’t say anything more,Because people want to grow。
Xiao Fan has grown up step by step until today,It takes a ditch and gains a wisdom to get to this position to see so many things.。
So he doesn’t want to comment too much on these things,I want them to prepare for the next trip with peace of mind,In the days to come。
Take hold of your life,Able to see the essence of human,Stop doing some childish things anymore,Although they have been growing。