Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“Know me as brother Xia,I’m not at peace during this time at home,I’m so annoying。I think,Or I’ll be a monk,Picture a quiet”

“Nonsense!Your parents are your only child,What can they do if you become a monk?What happened?Tell me,Maybe I can give you some ideas”Xia Jian whispered。
Lu Wanting got up and closed the door,I just sat back,Took a breath and said:“My parents’ relationship is at the zero point,Two people were hiding before,Also passed,But not now,Because it involves interest,They have become enemies。You said I’m a daughter,How to do?”
“What are you tossing about at this age?If you can’t, just get divorced”Xia Jian said coldly。
Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“Not as easy as you think,A lot of our family’s property is not visible。If two people want to divorce,The division of property alone is a big trouble”
“What is it for??There must be a reason!”Xia Jian asked softly。
Lu Wanting bit her teeth and said:“After my dad went in,My mother supported everything alone。She knows a lot of people,Encountered a lot of things,At this time,She started learning bohemian,The effect on people is the special color。This is after my dad came out,The most unacceptable thing”
“As long as your mom changes this,After all, it’s because after your dad went in,Is it caused by too much pressure?!”Xia Jian looked at Lu Wanting who looked sad,Speak softly。
Lu Wanting said with a bitter smile:“Not only did she not change,Instead of getting worse。Say something bad,She has something to do with you,Ask your phone number many times,But i didn’t tell her。So for this,My mom and I haven’t talked for a long time,I don’t know if she is sick。
“She is really sick,I should be sick,You should take her to the doctor,Maybe you need to help me,Long time,Really big problems”Xia Jian reminds Lu Wanting。
Lu Wanting shook her head and said:“What is her character,Will you still run me to the hospital??Will not,She can only do this in this life。I just thought,What can be done,Separate the two of them,This is my biggest wish”
Xia Jian never thought,Lu Wanting came to him,It was for housework,And this thing about their family,It’s a bit different。Since I found it,He has to help her,After all, Lu Wanting has helped him a lot。
“How about this!I’ll take care of this”Xia Jian suddenly said。
First1073chapter Mediation
some things,Helping others is helping yourself。
What Xia Jian said,Lu Wanting asked a little surprised:“really?Can you do?”Two questions in a row。It turns out that Lu Wanting did it for her parents,Already invited several people。But don’t anyone dare to pick up this hot potato。Lu Changfei and Gao Deju are two people who can’t afford to provoke。