Xia Shuyue is most worried about Zhang Siwei and Ye Boping’s divorce,If they really took this step,I became a sinner through the ages,Killed Ye Jia。

Finally returned to his small rental house,Home this time,Enjoy the nourishment of family affection,She feels much better,So I contacted the hourly worker to clean the house,And strengthen the doors and windows,Also changed the lock,So it’s clean and safe。
And bought a lot of small things in the supermarket downstairs,Decorate the house,Looks a lot warmer in an instant,I feel more relaxed even sitting in the house。
Finishing your own cabin,Xia Shuyue slept beautifully,Wake up the next day,She feels bored without a job or friends,Now what she cares most about is the photo studio that put a lot of effort into,I really want to see how it works。
She put on a hat and glasses,I took a taxi to the door of the store,The shop is still open,But the transfer notice has been posted on the window glass。
Xia Shuyue takes a deep breath,Let the driver turn around and go to the training base in the suburbs,There is no one here,Neither teacher,No students,Quiet empty house,The transfer notice is also posted on the door。
Xia Shuyue knows,Zhang Siwei found out that his husband is her uncle,Must have been hit hard,Of course I don’t want to do this business again,and,This business,It should be nothing in Zhang Siwei’s eyes,I’m afraid to throw it away。
Ugh,It looks like,I’ve been working in this life,Xia Shuyue thought in her heart,Sigh,And asked the driver to turn around and send her back to the rental house。
The lost will never come again,It’s impossible to meet someone like Zhang Siwei who can get money to do business with her in the future,All the previous efforts are gone。
Xia Shuyue has some money,But now the money doesn’t come in but only goes out,Even Jinshan,Sit and eat,Besides, it’s not Jinshan yet,and so,Have to find a job,It’s best to earn enough money,The child will not suffer too much。
The talent market is where I used to go,Have to go now,same as before,This place is still overcrowded。
Xia Shuyue dared not squeeze in the crowd like before,I’m afraid that others will squeeze her out,Can only lean on the side,Walk slowly in the direction of the crowd。