China Aerospace Space Image Skills Held in Beijing Space City

  At the seminar, experts were warmly discussed around the important, development history and how to improve space photography technology.

In particular, there are any difficulties in space photography, space photographed camera parameters, and if you can achieve topics such as space barrier photography under existing conditions. Astronauts Talking when communicating, the space photography has 3 difficulties, the focus is difficult, and the status is fixed.

Since the spacecraft is running fast in space in space in space, most of the images on the earth are mostly expressing geometric graphics or texture faces, it is difficult to track a specific goal.

For example, it is difficult to shoot and express the Great Wall in the space. In addition to the target small, there is still a reason that the Great Wall and the surroundings (such as roads, mountains) are high, and it is difficult to distinguish with naked eye.

Instead, it is easy to take a place in contrast, such as desert, and more.

  Astronaut Nie Haisheng talks about the problem of the cabin, space photography is part of the work in space. It is carried out after the ground is confirmed. It is rarely arranged for photography. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to the vacuum environment. Special equipment, perhaps after entering the Space Station era, our country can implement the cabin photography.

  Astronaut Zhang Xiaoguang urged the Shenzhou 10 mission, the whole process was taken from the experience of Wang Yaping, he said: "When the body is lost, the soul will never lose weight every time I am very proud."