Pineapple meal spleen and kidney

Pineapple meal spleen and kidney

The scent is aromatic, sweet and sour, and the nutritional value is very high.

Pineapple is rich in fructose, glucose, malic acid and citric acid, contains vitamin C, B1, B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus and other elements. It is also rich in dietary fiber.

The pineapple enzyme contained in pineapple can break down protein, eliminate elimination and edema; when eating greasy, eat a piece of pineapple, clear the mouth and get tired, and also help digestion.

However, this enzyme has a special stimulating effect on the tongue and oral epidermis, and salt can control pineapple enzyme activity.

Therefore, to eat pineapple, the skin and thorns should be trimmed, the flesh cut into pieces, mixed in thin hay, and then eaten.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pineapple is slightly cold, and it is easy to be disabled if you eat too much, especially for people with poor stomachs. Eating more can cause diarrhea, which can not exceed half a day at most.

Eating pineapple raw has the effects of quenching thirst, clearing away heat and relieving heat.

The medicinal diet made with pineapple also has a unique health effect.

  1, lettuce apple pineapple juice: improve immunity.

  50 grams each of lettuce, pineapple, lemon, and apple.

Wash and cut the lettuce, pineapple, lemon, and apple separately, add them to the juicer, squeeze out the juice, and pour into the glass.

If you like sweetness, you can add honey appropriately.

  2. Cabbage and pineapple rolls: appetizing and digesting, it has therapeutic effect on anorexia and gum bleeding.

  Half a pineapple, 100 g carrots, sugar, salt, cabbage leaves in moderation.

Add water and sugar to the pot, boil off the froth after boiling, pour it into a container, add sugar and mix well.

Wash and shred the pineapple and carrot, remove the water, scoop them out, remove, dry, sprinkle salt, rinse with water, squeeze the gauze, and soak in the prepared soup for 3 hours.

Spread the cabbage leaves on the chopping board, place the pineapple and radish on the chopping board, circle into thick rolls, cut into diamonds with a knife, and serve.

  3, pineapple cream: spleen and kidney, suitable for spleen and kidney qi deficiency syndrome.

  3 pineapples, 500 grams of honey.

Wash and peel the pineapple, cut into 3 cm square pieces, squeeze the juice for later use.

Pour the juice into a pan and fry over low heat until the juice thickens, add honey and mix well to form a paste.

Take about 100 grams each morning and evening.

  It should be noted that pineapple is eaten with eggs or milk, and the protein in eggs and milk is combined with the fruit acid in pineapples, which easily coagulates the protein and affects absorption. Therefore, pineapple should be eaten with eggs and milk.