“What i wanna do?Didn’t you come to see us today??”Xiao Fan replied coldly。

“brothers,I can warn you,I am the leader of the biggest gang in East China,Offend me,People in the gray area of East China will not let you go,Don’t talk about me,Even the Qiao family will not allow you to continue in this world。”Wang Mingyang threatened。
As someone who has been fighting for many years,Wang Mingyang doesn’t have any fear in his heart at this time,He was only surprised,In his cognition,It is impossible for a person to have such a fast speed。
Xiao Fan smiled coldly,Said:“Won’t let me?Just relying on a Qiao family,As long as i want,I can make the Qiao family disappear into this world in minutes,Do you believe it?”
Wang Mingyang heard these words,The first reaction is surprise,The second reaction is ridiculous,He couldn’t believe the arrogance of this young man was far beyond his imagination。
“Just rely on you?You are a rubbish from Zhulin’s house,Even dared to speak wild words,I warn you,You better let me go,otherwise……”Wang Mingyang continues to threaten。
“otherwise,What will you do?do not forget,You are in my hands now。”Xiao Fan kindly reminded。
One of Wang Mingyang’s subordinates saw Xiao Fan actually restrain Wang Mingyang,I was also anxious,suddenly,He saw Qiao Anan alone,Can’t help thinking,He quietly walked towards Qiao Anan,Just want to catch her by surprise。
And Qiao An’an’s attention at this time is also all on Xiao Fan’s body,I didn’t even notice that someone approached me a little bit。
The subordinate is seeing victory in sight,I am also happy,When I was planning to go down with a hand knife,But there was a bone pain from the wrist。
The screams are particularly harsh in this silent night!
The man was holding his wrist,But the blood still can’t stop flowing from between the fingers。
After squatting in pain,The vicious eyes still don’t forget to look towards Xiao Fan,It’s him,Must be him!
“Before you move,I advise you to think carefully!”Xiao Fan said。
This scene gave Wang Mingyang even greater shock,Xiao Fan has always been by his side,The knife I put on my neck has never been moved,How did he deal with his men?
A fear that had never been before began to take root in Wang Mingyang’s heart,How could it be so strong!
“Where is Qiaoshan?”Xiao Yang asked。