“Then no problem!”

“No big problem,There are still a few small problems,One of the,It’s the location here,of course,The company has prepared a dormitory for everyone,Two people in a room,If you have a girlfriend,Can apply for single room,Have a wife and children in the future,You can also apply for an apartment……”
Why are there still two people in one room when there are so many empty houses,Instead of one person one room?simple,Considering the next Garrett2000Will usher in a wave of scale expansion,Always reserve some for the future“reserve”。
“boss,Don’t worry,As long as I can work here,Give me a bed,I can’t go home for half a year!”Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Someone shouted immediately。
This remark drew another harmony,Someone asked loudly if he could bring the surfboard at home,If you can,He plans to go surfing on the beach while resting,Some people even made suggestions,I hope Chen Geng can buy some motorboats or jet skis,When everyone is free, go to the sea to play,It would be even better if there are girls in bikinis……While saying this,The eyes of these animals kept looking at the former employees of the nursing center。
In this personal computer industry and the software industry are in a new era,These personal computer companies and software development companies are not so much companies,It’s better to say that it is a studio,Not so formal and strict between employees and bosses,Plus Chen Geng is about the same age as them,All young people,Get along these days,Everyone is used to this big boss who is about his age。
“Ok,Understand your mind,”Chen Geng deliberately glanced at the beautiful female employees of the nursing center nearby,Meaningful way:“It’s me instead,I won’t go back。”
Everyone laughed again。
Chen Geng waved his hand:“All right,The point has not been said……this place,Everything is good,The only downside is,Ok,Do you see the orchards in the distance??Those fruit trees need pesticides,of course,Pesticide will not float to our side,But i’m not sure if i mind this?”
Orchards need pesticides?
It seems to a bunch of young people that this is not a problem at all,The nearest orchard is five to six hundred meters away,What’s the problem?There is no problem at all,They are already anxious to get angry and ask their boss,When will the company move over、Can I invite my friends over when I move in?。
Chen Geng understands the careful thinking of these guys,Hey,Show off,It’s the same since ancient times,Isn’t it the same when we entered the mobile Internet era a few years later?,If you change a good company,Must sendVletter、Tweet、hairFacebook,Show off in your circle of friends,Then reap a wave of envy and hatred,In addition, it must be accompanied by two photos of herself and a beautiful bikini girl riding a jet ski in the sea,Even those who have to pay for a month’s dinner for the sisters will not hesitate……Maybe you will become your girlfriend after eating。
Since the employees of the company have no objection,Then it’s the turn of these former nursing center employees,Honestly,Chen Geng wants these people to stay,Not only because these girls are beautiful,And because these girls almost have a skill:Have a professional fitness coach,Have a professional yoga instructor,There are professional masseurs and physical therapists,Professional、Nurses with advanced nursing qualifications,Have a professional team of doctors……
You’re welcome,Don’t look at these beauties who are frowning,Does not seem to find a job,But in Chen Geng’s eyes,They are all talents,If you can keep them,Throughout Silicon Valley and the world,This belongs to Garrett2000The company’s unique competitiveness,Can attract countless talented young people to Garrett2000Company kind。
Standing in front of these beautiful girls,Chen Geng asked with a smile:“Gentlemen,Ladies,I believe you all know who I am,Yes,I’m the one who bought this health center,Mr. Millhouse gave you to me,I want to ask,What do you plan for your future?”
A group of people looked at each other,I don’t understand what the gentleman who bought the nursing center asked himself means。