More powerful than before,Intuition tells him that it is dangerous to let a woman go。

Murong Qianxue stopped when she heard the voice:“I don’t like relying on men。”
Xia Chenglong wants to hold the woman,But his body still doesn’t have any strength,And Murong Qianxue has gone down。
indeed,The red line has been forced to the eyes,But just when she was about to push it up again, she realized,That force can’t force it out。
It has merged with her,Since there is no way to accompany each other to the top of the mountain,Then try your best to smooth the road ahead!
“Do not,Don’t!”
In Xia Chenglong’s roar,Murong Qianxue flew out resolutely。
Ask the power of the gods,Sure enough, it is an absolutely powerful existence between heaven and earth。
Murong Qianxue, who completely let go of his hands and feet, went down with a sword,Countless soldiers were cut off,Because she is willing,So I didn’t keep my hands at the moment。
Can’t fight like this,Absolutely not!
Such a wide range of use of vitality,Those blood gas will penetrate into her body,A powerful killing intent will wantonly destroy its own artistic conception,Finally turned into an irrational demon。
But he can’t stop。
Murong Qianxue, who hovered in the air, gave a slight shake,The blue ice sword turned into countless sword shadows,Dash down after spinning in the air。
From a distance,The red of heaven and earth is gradually merging with Murong Qianxue,The result is that under constant action,Her strength is getting stronger and stronger,At the same time, control over oneself is getting weaker and weaker。