Not to mention that dark Japan means life or death,Revenge alone,I’m afraid that the signboard of Paradise Island can’t stop all Xiang Chen’s enemies。

“Grandpa Second!”
Ponytail girl crying,The second grandpa finally accumulates energy,Also directly let the military division thorn in the throat。
Thousands of words cannot condense a word,Finally, the military division can only sigh non-stop。
“You are gone!Bury Zuo for me first,I’m here waiting for Chen Boy to come back。”
The commander waved his hand,Gave an order,Then cast his gaze into the distance。
The people behind gradually dispersed,The military commander is the only one left by his side。
“You are also afraid that the kid can’t help but find someone to take revenge?”
Everyone is gone,There are only two soldiers left on the tarmac,The strategist looks at the sergeant,Asked softly。
“Who can he find revenge??”
The commander’s voice sounded a bit scratchy。
“Maybe kill everyone involved!”
The strategist frowned,Gave a very likely answer。