really,Guo Yinzhe saw the system prompt,Skill preparation is normal,I know the way I set fire,But the effect is outstanding,In this environment,Finally can take a look“Mechanical bug queen”True content,Try to awaken the key to the success or failure of the mission。

The first is an empty energy container,Guo Yinzhe contacted and collected it by himself last night8Hours of crystal ore,Know you need to put these things in,So he will60A“Small red crystal block”with1A“Powerful magic fire”Inject energy device together,Then close the container lid。
Subsequently,He began to find out the reason why the mechanical bug fell asleep,After flipping the circuit box on the console,Guo Yinzhe Airway:“I go,Isn’t this the original problem of the maintenance experiment of the university mechanical circuit practice class??”
“what?Boss Guo, you know mechanical circuits?”Zhang Song thinks Guo Yinzhe is a heinously idle rich second generation,The major of garden art he studied is in line with his natural temperament.,Unexpectedly, he still understands circuits。
“Yes,Seems to have forgotten to say,My undergraduate major is electromechanical,Postgraduate interprofessional changed to garden art。”Guo Yinzhe replied after hearing that。
“Why changed?Mechanical and electrical maintenance is not very good?”Zhang Song puzzled。
“Because the electrical appliances in my next home are broken, they were thrown away by my mother,Make this profession useless……”
“Ok,Dare to love you as a pure repair skill……”Zhang Song almost laughed to tears and wiped the corners of his eyes。
“The cause of damage should be a short circuit caused by water in the circuit board,I really regret not listening to this lesson,Such useful technology only leaves a trace of impression in my mind……”Guo Yinzhe had no choice but to rely on the remnants of his memories,Try to repair the circuit board located in the core area behind the mechanical bug。
“Where did you get the wrench、Electric pens and other repair tools?”Zhang Song suddenly found that the characters on the screen began to take out tools to detect a burnt area on the circuit board。
“The profession I chose is a mechanic,Has passive talent skills:‘Mechanical mastery’,Start to get a toolbox with a wrench,Can be used to repair damaged mechanical items on the battlefield,Such as Broken Bridge、Mechanical gate、radio station、Drone、Things like monitoring devices,If it weren’t for the job challenge task copy, the difficulty was deliberately increased,Repairing this damaged thing is not easy?”Guo Yinzhe explained。
“No wonder,I’ve never used the profession of mechanic,It’s more suitable for a weird like you……”Zhang Song immediately drew a clear line with Guo Yinzhe。
“Woo woo——”
“Woo woo——”
“Woo woo——”