40 ways to completely release yourself to experience life

40 ways to completely release yourself to experience life

The pressure is overwhelming.

Although the pain is exacerbated by emotions-anger, grief, frustration, fear, more or less infiltrating or even dominating our daily lives, it is not so difficult to keep our lives intact as imagined.

The following 40 methods include the maintenance of interpersonal relationships, the experience of different things, the maintenance of a healthy body, and simple entertainment, etc. They will help you face conflicts and have a motive force to face life more actively.

  Completely release your experiential life.

hzh {display: none; }  1、亲身去体验生活。Watching stage shows, don’t just watch movies, just listen to CDs, just play computer games, listening to live performances will make you feel more real life.

  2.Experience different cultures through food and add exoticism in life. For example, go to an Indian restaurant and enjoy chicken breasts grilled on a peat stove.

  3. Help a friend or colleague make a surprise day, give him a party or unexpected and timely assistance, and let yourself be infected by his feelings.

  4. Be a good teacher and friend of others, share your knowledge with others, help others, and learn communication skills in it.

  5. Volunteer to help others feel the love and fulfillment in your heart.

  6. Sending emails is quick and easy, but it’s easier to talk on the phone, send cards, and write letters.

  7. Participate in charity activities, organize some clothes that you will no longer wear, and donate them to poor girls in poor areas.

  Enrich yourself 8. Make a call to friends and classmates who have been out of contact for a long time.

  9. Try to be a healthy low-fat cooking expert, study cooking techniques carefully, invite friends to share results, and exchange feelings at the same time.

  10. If writing a short story or conquering a certain mountain has always been your unfulfilled wish, then start to do it now, life is short, what are you waiting for?

  11, check the food cabinet, the focus is on the shelf life, which should be thrown away, the supplementary supplement.

  12. Enrich yourself and use your spare time to take courses that have nothing to do with work, even if you are learning a foreign language.

  13. Arrange health checkups, such as washing your teeth and breast examinations. Taking care of your body is the most important thing.

  14. Plan your next vacation, browse the tour guide or sightseeing guide, and look forward to the new vitality.

  15. Experience a sport you haven’t tried before, some fishing or camping.

  Relax the nerves 16, think about your childhood volunteering, and regain your long-lost childlike heart.

  17. Whether attending a party or enjoying nature in the wild can help to enrich your soul and experience life again.

  18. Focus on what you can grasp. Don’t worry about yourself and take actions that are beneficial to life and health.

  19. Stay fresh and stylish at any time, pay attention to the meter, whether you are 23 or 73 years old.

  20, sleep 8-9 hours a day, especially in the face of stress, so that you can stay refreshed.

  21. Check the office seats and lights. Even slight adjustments can effectively reduce muscle aches and eye fatigue.

  22. Put in all expired medicines.

  23. There are more and more types of aerobic fitness dances. Whether it is Latin aerobics or stepping aerobics, you may wish to try it easily.

  24. Find a pure entertainment that you like, such as K song, bundi, without having to set goals and limit time.

  25. Go directly to the countryside to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

  26. Purchasing a set of fitness discs, some Pilates with stretching effects, sparked interest in fresh sports.

  27. Stewed chicken soup or vegetable soup with zero dung, add staple foods, such as rice, and cook together.

  28. If you are used to doing fitness exercises indoors, try going outdoors to experience the vitality that nature gives you.

  29. Create a special ceremony on Friday night.

In addition to reducing stress, you can also draw a line between work and rest.

  30. Water can help calm your mind and make more contact with water.

Seaside, lakeside and river embankment are all good places.

Of course, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water.  31. Massage is best for relaxation.

  Create romance 32, decorate flowers and candles on the table, play music, thank God for giving, eat attentively, and make time fresh.

  33. The use of incense can not only recognise the beauty of the senses, but also the joy of pampering yourself.

  34. Placing a pot of flowers and herbs on the windowsill can both relieve visual fatigue and regulate indoor air.

  35. Regularly update the form of the party. Don’t always have dinner together, as this will lose freshness.

  36. Take “Vitamin E” once a day, which means “humorous”; send a joke email to friends every day.

  37. Enjoy the happy hour of friends together.

It is the cheapest and most amazing pressure buffer.

  38. Move your body anytime, anywhere. Exercise is a natural sedative. Whenever it is gentle, whether it is indoor or piled up, it is followed by physiological stability.

  39. Pure music can activate the right brain and relax. Once the lyrics are added, the left brain becomes active, which can easily lead to wild thoughts.

  40. Encourage yourself at any time.