Goodwill silence

Goodwill silence

After penguins forage in the sea, when returning to land, they need to jump out of an ice cave as an exit.

In order to make a successful landing, penguins generally plunge into the sea more than three meters deep before taking off, then jump from the ice cave by the buoyancy of the seawater, and climb up the ice.

In the penguin team, the leading penguin has a very difficult task. It just needs to have an accurate judgment on the “exit” and the courage to charge ahead.

  The plump seal is one of the natural enemies of penguins.

When a smart seal finds an ice cave where penguins often go in and out, it will lie beside the ice cave and adopt the method of waiting for the rabbit to wait for the machine to prey on the penguin.

The leading penguin “shot” from an ice cave like a cannonball. Due to its fast speed, it shook his head over the seal and quickly stood up to escape the moment it landed on the ice.

At this moment, the penguin does not make a cry, it covers its fear with silence.

Immediately afterwards, the penguins who followed them jumped out of the ice cave one after another, some slipped past the seals, and some passed over the seals’ heads.

The seal opened its mouth and swept left and right to prey on the “prey” in front of its eyes. In the end, it caught a penguin with a slow response, then dived into the sea and occupied the delicious food.

  In principle, the leading penguin came out of the ice cave, and when he saw the seal, he should send a signal to remind the penguins behind to change their action plan to avoid the seal attack.

But why does it keep silent?

This is because if it sends a signal that it encounters a natural enemy in the ice cave, it will cause the penguins to mess up due to panic and affect the smooth completion of the “landing” plan.

If penguins have been trapped in the crisis-ridden sea, they will face greater dangers and losses: only they will be submerged in the sea due to physical weakness; otherwise, they will be pursued by several sharks.

By then, more than one penguin had died.

Therefore, the penguin “boss” is in a crisis situation. It is a wise choice to remain silent. It stabilizes the “heart of the army” with good-faith silence.

  It is absolutely necessary for people to prevent possible difficulties.

However, sometimes overestimating difficulties, highlighting risks, and shortening the courage to work hard can make you look forward and look back, shrinking your hands, and missing out on the opportunity to succeed.