“You use your tactics well!First gather energy with basic tactics,Take advantage of it,Cut off his knife,At the same time, it broke his confidence in victory。”Smiled in the wind。

“but,Still that guy can’t hold his breath,If he keeps fighting with you,Instead of choosing close combat,You may not be able to kill him!”
“It’s really not as good as one,This batch of seeds,The strength and character are not good!”Flowing in the wind, as if talking to himself。
Lu Menglin didn’t know how to answer,He just thinks the strength of these three is unfathomable,The tactics I just played,The other person knows at a glance,It’s really scary,It seems that in front of the three of them,Be more careful。
but,What these three didn’t see,They obviously did not see that the three Taoist priests joined forces to perform a mental coercive attack,That’s why Wang Ce dare to come close and fight without fear,And I am not affected by mental pressure,Can easily kill the opponent。
“Kid,What are your plans next?You killed the seeds of Ning Palace,The three of us can’t protect you!”Zhao Liehui’s eyes rolled,Hehe smiled。
Lu Menglin heard what he said,Slightly stunned,A little puzzled。
These three behaved so vigorously just now,Why did the people of Ning Palace leave?,On the contrary?
At this moment,Liu Wenzhang also leaned forward,Shouted anxiously:“Three adults,He is new here,Only two days into the camp,Don’t understand anything!Three adults, please help him!”
When I heard Sanjie seemed to have a dodge,The black blood guards around were disappointed,Liu Wenzhang is even more anxious。He knows very well,I and Wu Hao brothers are now grasshoppers on the same rope,Lose everything,All glory,If even Sanjie wouldn’t care about it,The two of them are sure to die!
Wu Hao doesn’t know,He knows Liu Wenzhang,God City Seed,All are elite,And all have background,Highly valued in North Korea,Seeds can challenge each other,But if others kill the seeds,That is the capital crime among capital crimes,Unreasonable。
Lu Menglin cast a glance from the corner of his eye,I found that the other two of the three masters had different looks。
The Shinto priest looks far away in the wind,It seems that what Zhao Liehui said,Has nothing to do with him,Well divided。
And the other great mage Xiao Ning,Head down,Looking at my toes,Ashamed of being with a guy like Zhao Liehui。