“and then?Have you been taught??”

“.Can not remember,It seems not,I’m mom’s little padded jacket,Not torn jeans,How can I be taught?”
“Where’s dad,Didn’t dad say anything??”
“Daughter is the youngest of father situation-people,How can you be angry?Dad bought a new mobile phone for mom。”
Speaking of which,Willow triumphant,“Mom’s phone is too old,But she is reluctant to change,Without my mission to end it,Mom may use it till now。”
Families who can wear luxury clothes use old phones,It can only show that this phone is of great significance to her,I was ruined by my daughter,A pity。
Yangliu quickly praised me for being funny,Huo Yunhe squeezed her face,Praise her wit against her will。
Yang Liu slapped his hand eating tofu,Bare teeth and threaten him,Warned him not to use hands or feet,Huo Yun and Renjun couldn’t help being so cute。
“.Why are you laughing?”
“I……I didn’t smile.Really……Really didn’t smile……”
Yang Liu squinted at him,Pat his undulating chest,“You didn’t smile,How does it move here?If you tell lies, you will have a long nose。”
Silly girl in her arms,I’ll be sober for a while,That pink mouth is closed one by one,I can’t hear what I said。
Huo Yunhe doesn’t want to control himself,Act immediately,Lower your head and kiss that delicate lip,Suck in your mouth a little bit。
So sweet feeling!
Yangliu’s eyes widened,I stared blankly at the handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of my eyes,The confused mind is even more confused,Forgot to react,No response,Close your eyes slowly。
Chapter Seventy Nine Like two people
The body in my arms suddenly becomes limp,No power at all,Huo Yunhe doesn’t feel right,Take a look,Really,Really dumbfounding!
I can still fall asleep after a kiss,Is it too unattractive??If you let me know,Don’t laugh at him yet。