Li Ming’s mother watched Li Ming go out with a smile。

Soon,Li Ming found the place where it happened。。
The scene before him gnashed his teeth。
A corpse lying on the ground,Bloodstained,And this corpse is not complete,to be exact,Only less than half of the corpse including the chest cavity and head。Look carefully at your face,Li Ming recognized this as a middle-aged woman who often walked her dog,I have been complained many times because of dog barking disturbing people,Not very popular,But after all, they are all neighbors,Especially seeing her 70-year-old mother’s grief,Li Mingye feels anxious。
Put a hand on Li Ming’s back,Li Ming turned around,Speak softly:“Uncle Qiu?what happened!”
Called by Li Ming‘Uncle Qiu’of,Is a chubby and greasy middle-aged man。But Li Ming knew,The captain of the city management team was also transferred to the army.,Have an outstanding skill。According to grapevine,Work on a hidden front,The endocrine was affected after an accident,Just become so fat!ProbablyRRAfter virus infection,Weight down,But a blessing in disguise。Now serves as the director of the city stray dog management center。
‘Uncle Qiu’Pull Liming,After the two walked a long distance,Uncle Qiu whispered to Li Ming:“Xiao Ming,Uncle Qiu asks you something,Uncle Qiu also knows your skill。How strong are you now?Can you beat a Siberian tiger with bare hands??”
Li Ming gave Uncle Qiu a weird look:“Uncle Qiu,right now,Isn’t it the time to say this?!”
“Humph!Young man!”Uncle Qiu said old fashionedly:“Take a closer look at the scars on her body,Look、I know why Uncle asked you this question!Don’t tell Uncle you can’t tell。”
Li Mingyi was taken aback,At first he thought that a certain physical fitness increased,Perverted murderer with psychological imbalance—After April this year,There are many such people,The country has begun to crack down on vicious crimes,It is said that hundreds of people were shot and killed in groups just two days ago。
But after hearing what Uncle Qiu said,Doesn’t seem to be the reason?
Li Ming carefully looked at the scar on the broken limb,With his eyesight,You can see clearly even more than ten meters away,Soon a chill came out of my heart。
“This is bite?”Li Ming’s face is very ugly。
“And it should be a canine,But I have never seen such a big body,No Tibetan Mastiff,Nor Ash!In my opinion, it is at least the size of the Siberian tiger。”Uncle Qiu gestured with both hands,Shook his head:“Aunt Cheng is just such a daughter,Although not very filial,But at least yes。。。What a crime!”
“Xiao Ming,I feel that these months,Some animals hurt people more and more,These animals have become stronger and faster than humans.。A few days ago, there was a family in the neighbourhood and the whole family was eaten up by animals who didn’t know,That’s a miserable!Although it’s not fair to you,But i still hope,If you think you have enough force,Let me get you some weapons,Do you think of a way to clean up the nearby animals?!After all, your personal strength is the strongest around here。”
Actually, there is no shortage of masters in the community where my mother lives,Because the community where my mother lives,It’s my father’s house reform,And Li Ming’s father,After the army changed jobs,The police on the front line。