“There are tens of thousands‘White fruit’,The magicians inside can still be saved,Better find a way to rescue them。”

Wright flew next to a white fruit,The white fruit is about one meter tall,The human inside is curled up,Wright waved his right hand,‘fruit’of‘pulp’Peeling off,Exposed inside‘Pit。’
“Uh,Save~”The core is a female magician who seems to be young,Thin body,From‘fruit’Wake up soon after being out,But both the body and the spirit have been greatly devastated。A strong man who is at least a great magician should have been sober,Physical fitness is not too weak。But at the moment this little guy’s body is as weak as a baby,Mental breakdown,Can only instinctively ask for help。
“It seems that these people can only be saved quickly,Then come to trouble。”Wright understands that this is likely to make the dead tree aware,Prepare or escape later。But he is betting,Bet that the other side will not care about one‘Middle god’。
“Rumbling~”The power of the earth turned into tens of thousands‘palm’,Each palm accurately grasped one‘White fruit’,Soft one‘Drag’,Protect the people in the fruit,At the same time, instilled into them with the divine power containing the power of life。This divine power directly acts on the body,Recover their physical damage,It can also feed back the soul,Nourish their souls。
“Roar~”Thousands of fruits were dragged off,The dead tree seems to be in pain,Furious,Countless branches waving,As if wanting to attack。
Wright glanced coldly,God’s realm opens,He had long seen that the dead tree was considered a sanctuary life,But under the realm of gods, they can’t move。
The light gray divine power quickly condenses into a strange three strange kun,Fall into the water and swim towards the mainland,At the same time, Wright arranged manpower to respond through the soul contract with Mao Qiu。
Followed by,Wright’s mouth showed a sneer,Grab the right hand,This catch,Directly with the pulsating power of the earth for a while。
Unexpected,A black light emerged from around the dead tree,Form a very complicated magic circle。Block Wright’s hand。
“You finally came out。”Wright glanced around,As if through the thick soil,See a location hundreds of meters below the ground。indeed,Before, his spiritual sense could only see this dead tree,But I can feel the huge darkness under my feet。This breath obscures,The divine consciousness that made him surpass the upper gods cannot be seen through。
But that’s a situation where the other party is not moving,The opponent controls the magic array to block Wright’s palm,But also exposed his position。
“stop!”An angry hoarse voice resounded in Wright’s mind,But Wright only smiled,Field Slight Vibration,In an instant,The dead tree that swallowed countless people on the Magnolia continent turned into powder。
“you wanna die!”Now there is no anger in the hoarse voice,Only left,Endless killing intent。
A pitch-black figure hides deeply in the position of dozens of miles beneath the Magnolia Continent,Go further down,Space crack,Space is turbulent。
This figure is not really‘Silhouette’,Seems like a human from a distance,The substance is closer to a dark liquid,The liquid surface can still be seen flowing。