Chinese medicine quits alcohol to restore your health

Chinese medicine quits alcohol to restore your health

As a culture, wine has penetrated into the social life of many of us. Chinese people like to use wine as an intermediary for emotional communication.

As everyone knows, alcohol dependence caused by long-term drinking has become a serious social problem in the world today.

  Western medicine’s treatment of alcohol dependence has been unsatisfactory. The traditional Chinese medicine method used to abstain from alcohol has fully taken advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. By adjusting the balance of yin and yang in the body and the prevalence of viscera, the body balance can be restored to achieve alcohol abstinence.The purpose, supplemented by commonly used Western medicine methods, is more effective.

  Guardi TCM believes that people with chronic alcoholism have more heat and humidity, and excessive alcoholism can help dampness and heat, and cause phlegm.

Phlegm can be disturbed and cleared, confused, irritable, and delirious.

“Spleen and Stomach · On Drinking Injuries” states: “Alcohol is hot and hurts vitality.

“When the evil of damp heat hits Qingyang, dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, and even hallucinations and illusions appear.

  Guadi, also known as sweet Guadi, has bitter cold, has a small poison, enters the stomach meridian, and its main role is to induce vomiting and return jaundice.

Specific use method: Put Guadi 0.


5g immersed in 500ml of white wine, mixed after 7 to 15 days, if the amount of wine is not significantly reduced, the dose of Guadi can be increased to 0.


7 grams.

According to statistics, those who believe that daily drinking can gradually decrease, 97.

3% can reach a daily drinking volume of less than 100g, up to 20 months to completely quit.


  Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiejiu Oral Liquid The traditional Chinese medicine Jiejiu Oral Liquid treats alcohol dependence. It has obvious effects in one week and has no side effects.

The composition of the prescription is: 20g of pueraria root, 40g of keel, 40g of oyster, 20g of red peony, 20g of white peony, 40g of astragalus, 5g of whole scorpion, 5g of Gastrodia elata, 15g of Achyranthes bidentata, 15g of cinnamon stick, 5g of vine, 15g of cricket live, 10g of dilophosaurus,15 g of Atractylodes, 15 g of Alisma purpurea, 15 g of Poria cocos, 15 g of Poria cocos, one dose per day, decoction to 200 ml, taken orally twice.

It is reported to have a good effect.