“What you met,Not the vanguard of the Dark Race Army,At best, it can only be regarded as some cannon fodder troops sent out to explore the way.。They use this method to detect terrain。”Ah Chung uses spiritual power to spread the word。

“There is a tough battle to be fought next!boss,My clone one has arrived on the battlefield,Ready to fight for you。”Ah’s tone sounds a little excited。
“When will the enemy come?”Lu Menglin asked。
“Tomorrow dawn!There will be a dark race troop passing through this area,And your sandstorm city,Just blocked their marching path。”Ah Chun replied。
“Any more specific information??”
“There are a lot of them,There should be more than ten times those just now!And my spies have found out,Among them are some guys with very strong vital signs。”
“How powerful?”Lu Menglin frowned,Asked。
“Similar to the two god people you just sent to the battlefield。But not many,Only a hundred。”
A’Zhong’s words sound like a joke,But Lu Menglin knew it did not。
In other words,The next wave of attacks,Will come at dawn tomorrow,And the number of enemies is ten times as much,Among them, there are more than one hundred Tu Shanming plus high-end combat power such as Long Zhanye。
The power of this dark race,Has completely exceeded Lu Menglin’s estimate,He almost wanted to turn around and left。
Fight like this,Just judge from the data,Can’t fight at all!
What’s in the sandstorm city?There is a plane team,Among them can be called high-end combat power,Even Lu Menglin has fewer than 15 people,What scholars and experts are the rest,Research is OK,We need manpower to protect the tough battle。
Then there are the tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians,Plus the people who moved from Heishui City,A hundred thousand people,Capable of playing,Full play,Cut in half,Only 50,000,And the point is that there are not so many weapons and equipment in the city.。
How to fight this battle?Lu Menglin feels a little unsure!