In all fairness,Yan Jun still hopes that he can capture the heart of Han Yuxiang,It’s just that Yan Jun is not a fool,Han Yuxiang’s emotional changes towards Xiang Chen and Xing Tao,As the police force has the most contact with Korean Xiang, Yan Jun,He still has a shot in his heart。

I feel a little sorry,The Korean team did not chase it out,I’m afraid today’s misunderstanding is getting bigger and bigger !
Steak rice alone,Soon my son and wife also came,Yan Jun stopped worrying about Han Yuxiang,After all, I still have my own housework to deal with,Leadership,Natural leadership。
Xing Tao’s ward,Xing Tao is still worried,After all, there is not even a manual,It’s too dangerous to use it directly on Xing Tao.。
“At least let the doctor test the ingredients!Just use,Is it too arbitrary??”
Lying on the hospital bed,Xing Tao looked at Han Yuxiang with some worry。
Although it’s so exciting to see the lotus arm of Korean Xiang,But compared to the excitement,Xing Tao is more worried about the future safety of Hanyuxiang。
“It’s ok,I believe he will not harm me!”
Han Yuxiang lowered his head,Put the ointment on your arm little by little。
It’s the same reaction as Xiang Chen’s first contact with Momo’s powder,Rao is in accordance with Xiang Chen’s request this time,Under the premise of ensuring no loss of efficacy,Mo Mo has minimized the pain caused by the ointment,Han Yuxiang still gritted his teeth and breathed in。
Xing Tao ignored the pain on his body,Start suddenly,Raise your hand and press the button to call the nurse,But was stopped by Korean Xiang。
“I’m fine!”
The pain in the body makes Han Yuxiang’s voice a little fuzzy,But the wound on her arm is healing at a speed visible to the naked eye。
Xing Tao looked at the wound on Han Yuxiang’s arm that was gradually healing,Supernatural,Breathtaking。