I also called Lu Changsheng in a call.。

Since the Changsheng can have so many younger brother there in the magic,He feels that the other party should know some。
But now he feels that people can find it only.。
The phone that Lu Chang lived received Li Hui Feng was also a glimpse.。
After all, Li Ping is not called him with the wind.。
“Lee brother,You are something?”
“Hey-hey,Brother,I just want to ask if you have a good friend in the big bend market.。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Lu Changsheng is also a glimpse。
He knows that Li Rong has never likes the friends on him.,I don’t understand how the other party suddenly asked this.。
“I have a teacher mixed there.,After all, the gang is not very good.,But do you ask this??”
Chapter 123 Song Kaiyuan
Li Hui lived, listened to Lu Changsheng,Rapida is also happy。
I also said that I have encountered myself with the other party.。
After Listening,Laughing directly。
“Lee brother,I used to have something,This little thing makes my brother to help you.,I don’t need you。”
“Forehead,Row,That big brother gives me the contact information of your brother.。”
“Need not,You tell me your location,I let him find you.,He still gives me this brother.。”
soon,Li Hui has asked other questions again.,Then send your position to the landlord。
Hang up the phone,Lu Changsheng also directly gave the brother to the phone,Also explained some of Li Hui’s situation。
The words of Song Kaiyuan listened to Lu Changsheng also feel very doubts.。
“Brother,Since he is so strong,Don’t need me at all,I should solve such a thing yourself.。”
“Hey-hey,I doubt that he doesn’t want to expose your strength.,Of course you can help him,Can also be useful to you later,Are you not always progressing??
Cut with him,I feel that it can be broken.。”
Song Kaiyuan listened this,Some in mind。
“But he really got twenty?
Such you can have innate realm?”
“This should be,For details, you have to be friends.?”
Listening to a question asked a question,Lu Changsheng also hurriedly gave Li Hui。
“You will know when you meet people.,You ask me now, these are white。”
Hang up the phone,Song Kaiyuan drove directly to the big bend market。