The locomotive roared,Drove away from the scene as fast as black lightning,And behind,The roadside turned into a pot of porridge suddenly became much quieter,I don’t know it’s because the two of them left suddenly,Or because of the sirens ringing in all directions。

The motorcycle has the guts to return along the same road,Sombra maximized the speed of the locomotive,Easily rushed out of the encirclement that the police had not fully closed,It only took a few minutes to drive onto the Chang’an elevated。
The middle-aged man is like a cloud and fog,It’s very difficult to breathe,Ling Li’s night wind is extremely violent,It seems to tear the skin at any time,But Sombra didn’t mean to slow down at all,Keep turning the handle,Willfully ravages the already furious engine。
The locomotive quickly passed the viaduct,Rushed into the main road in the city center,Running like a wild horse without the rein in the downtown,The strange noise of the engine came from a distance,Make cars and pedestrians look,Panic avoiding。
“slower,Slow down!”The middle-aged man finally relieved his suffocation,Shout to the shadow immediately,“This is downtown!”
Sombra ignored,Driving the locomotive freely,Flashing left and right,Like no one,Qiu crossed the main road without any offence,And then plunged into the Qinglong Bridge Tunnel,Still maintain that palpitating speed。
Out of the tunnel,Continue to cross the streets,The locomotive drove into the quiet、After the luxurious Tulip Road finally slowed down,This is not only a famous high-end residential area in Minhui District,And the city’s State Security Bureau has a secret safe house located here。
now,The middle-aged man has long since been shocked、Calm down in panic and anger,The brain quickly organizes the whole story and details of the incident,It also analyzes as much as possible of the man on the locomotive who suddenly appeared、guess,Helpless information,Judgment of its identity has never been essential,When depressed,The locomotive stopped on the side of the road without warning。
Black shadow flameout、get off,Then turned around and took off the helmet,And pulled off the mask without hesitation,A square face,The young face with faint edges and corners appeared in front of the middle-aged man。
“The chief is frightened。”The young man suddenly gave a military salute to the middle-aged man,Then he reached out his hands and helped him out of the car。
The middle-aged man looked stunned,I didn’t expect Sombra to be so young,It was even unexpected that this person would know the precise location of this secret safe house,Is not fake,I’m afraid it’s the kind of independent field staff with a high level of confidentiality。
I never heard of this person?Strong perception,Act decisively、Judgment and reaction are surprisingly fast,But a little bit inconspicuous,Not very rules,Who will he be?Is it a newcomer drawn from other places?Middle-aged man thinking,After hesitating a little, he paid a gift,Then I stared at the other party and couldn’t find the right words for a while。
“you are……”
“report,My name is Li Tian。”
“Li Tian?”Middle-aged man chewing the word repeatedly,But no impression。
At the moment,Two black cars are fast approaching from far and near,While the middle-aged man turned his head and looked on,Li Tian has taken a step sideways,Stand in front of him。
“Own person。”Middle-aged man calmly,Observe the young man’s reaction from behind,Also prepared for sudden accidents。
The two cars stopped ten meters away from the two of them,Several capable men in black jackets jumped out of the car,One of them yelled at the middle-aged man as soon as he showed his head,“Lao Gao,Really wronged you!”
“Lao Liu!Turned out to be you。”The middle-aged man was quite surprised,She turned away from behind the young man,One detail is in sight,So that it no longer doubts young people。