The Ministry of Tianshi has been established,This is made sooner or later。

Oh,Yes,Yan Qingqing is the first generation of teachers,Strong power,Heartself,Primary school spell,Advantage,Fully inherited the great achievements of the ancient Tianshi spells,This is another education resource advantage,There should be not many people to play her.。 Nothing is fine.。
However, Zhou is still reminded:“You are careful,Don’t take Xuanqing Master also involved.……”
“calm down!”
Yan Qingqing and asked Xuan Qing Master:“How about it?Considering it??”
Xuan Qing Xiaogong nodded——
Zhou feel like this is also very good。
The only problem is that they don’t know how long it is actually.,He is afraid that they have no character.,I urgently impulsive,Halfway has contradictory,Xuan Qing Xiao Master will definitely be very sad。
Nan Ge’s voice rang on the top:“Then if you have arrived in Chunming,Remember to find us,If the heat is fake, it is good to,I will come to us to play.,I am eating and wrapped with Zhou.。Anyway, Xuan Qing Master Your live broadcast I will always look.,More contacts on WeChat。”
11Morning morning。
Chong Mr. Jiang and Liu Shu、Mr. Histori has left the level,Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge also left,Yan Qingqing is left with Xuan Qing Master to clean up。
Nan Ge will be loaded with a group of backpacks and one43Helmet delivery to Zhou:“Air ticket is bought?I will send you to the airport.。”
“Would you like you to go back?。”Gone。
“Not allow。”
“I am not afraid。”
“Don’t say to you。I am walking high speed,High speed can’t be manned。”Nange pretend to be irritated。
“if not?”
Here, there is six or seven hundred kilometers away.,Don’t go high speed to ride at night,Cai Yun Expressway allows motorcycles,And hardly charge,Only a few high-speed ports in Chunming may charge,Although Nan Ge is still in the internship,But she never been afraid.。
“Do you want us to take a plane together?,Check the motorcycle?”Zhou proposed a suggestion,“Safety。”
“Then your small slag cat??”
“Is your small slag cat。”
“She can become a little kitten,Sitting with us。”Turn around。
“Shut your mouth, you!”
“……Then you have a care on your way.。”
“got it!boarding!”
Zhouzhi,Her waist,Watched Xuan Qing Master and Yan Qingqing,Summary——
Looking at the expression of Qing Qingqing,Most of them have used him as a girlfriend.。
Zhou is just afraid of Nan Ge’s situation。
Even if the probability of the memory of the king is very low,She has now had spiritual power.,Nature also has the eyesight of Tianshi,Before I don’t have habit,It is easy to appear,Especially in the case of riding a motorcycle。
So arrived at the airport,After giving a group to Nan Ge,He again reminded her again.,Said by Nan Ge, there are several‘Verbiage’。
Afternoon,Zhou Zhi arrived in Chunming。