Three one two meridian exercise fitness method

Three one two meridian exercise fitness method

This is an easy-to-learn fitness method. As long as you exercise 25 minutes a day, exercise the meridians in 3 different ways, and stimulate the meridian system in a planned way. It can prevent and treat high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, insomnia and moreThis kind of common disease makes people achieve good effects of full toxicity and longevity.

  The “three” in “Three One Two” refers to finding three meridian lines aligned with the whole body meridian system from the 14 meridian lines, and further finding one of these three meridian lines from more than 300 points in the bodyThe most sensitive acupuncture points, namely Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli, as long as the three acupoints are directly massaged to stimulate the three meridian lines, the meridian movement of the whole body is affected and activated.

“One” is based on the distribution of 9 meridian lines running through the abdomen in the human body. The undulating breathing action of the abdomen is used to strengthen the exercise of the 9 meridian lines in the abdominal cavity, so that people are full of vitality.

“Two” is to use the flexion and extension of the legs to drive the entire body meridian, prevent and treat diseases, and improve physical strength.

Lu Bingkui, a well-known expert in Chinese medicine and the former director of the Chinese Bureau of Chinese Medicine, believes that the “March 12” meridian fitness method can cure all diseases (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, insomnia, adolescent myopia, headache, toothache, shoulder weekInflammation, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, lung disease, coronary heart disease, asthma, cancer coronary complication, myocardial infarction, neurosis, etc.), 100% harmless, no accidents, no complications, is the most scientific, mostQuick, the most popular green fitness method, it is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, especially for older friends.

  Practice method: 1.

Method and use of acupressure (1) Hegu.

Hegu Acupoint is an important acupuncture point in the large intestine meridian of Hand Yangming. It is located between the first and second metacarpals, at the midpoint of the second metacarpal, and on the edge of the radial side.

You can also use the first knuckle of each finger of the other hand to face the tiger’s mouth, flex the thumb, and press the tip of your finger to the Hegu acupoint.

  The correct method of massaging Hegu points is to flex the thumb vertically on Hegu points to make the ground tight and loose. The frequency is about once every 2 seconds, that is, about 30 times per minute.

What is important is that the pressure needs to be increased. Acidity, numbness, swelling, and even the feeling of reaching the index finger and elbow below the acupoint, that is, the phenomenon of “getting qi”.

Only in this way can we play a role in preventing and curing diseases.

However, it should be noted that patients with poor constitution should not be stimulated. Pregnant women generally should not massage Hegu points.

  (2) Internal clearance.

The Neiguan acupoint is a pericardial meridian, located two inches above the horizontal stripes of the wrist, between the long palmar tendon and the flexed wrist flexor.

Is to measure three horizontal fingers backwards from the horizontal stripes of the wrist, and take points between the two tendons.

  Like massaging Hegu, massaging Neiguan points must be mad.

The method of pressing the inner gate is: hold the forearm being massaged with the four fingers of one hand, press the thumb of the hand vertically to press the inner gate, the fingers are parallel to the two tendons, the nails should be short, and the fingertips should rhythmPoint and cooperate with some kneading movements.

  (3) Zusanli.

Zusanli belongs to the Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian, which is located three inches below the calf’s nose with a lateral depression under the joint cheekbones, which is approximately about one horizontal finger outside the callus.

  Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are acquired.

After a person is born, the maintenance of growth and health is closely related to the digestive and nutritional functions of the spleen and stomach, and the stomach meridian is a qi and blood meridian.Function, so as to achieve the effect of health care and longevity, so Zusanli has always been considered an important acupuncture point for medical and health care.

  Massage Zusanli is best combined with massage.

Because the muscles below Zusanli are plump, and the hand strength is small, sometimes it is difficult to achieve the effect of anger. At this time, it is not excluded to use some auxiliary equipment and others to help massage.

  The above three acupoints, one (Hegu) for upper limbs and head and face, one (neiguan) for thorax, one (zusanli) for lower limbs and whole body, and five internal organs.

As a result, the qi and blood in the whole body can be unblocked, which naturally leads to the purpose of disease treatment and disease-free fitness.


Methods and effects of abdominal breathing To make an abdominal breathing is to adhere to one of the most basic qigong exercises, namely internal training, cis-abdominal breathing.

This method is safe and has no abnormalities. It can be performed in the supine position or in the sitting posture. It only requires that the whole body is carefully relaxed, and the mind is concentrated in the Dantian acupoint. Do it twice a day, 5 minutes each time.

Try to eliminate distractions, keep up and down, and make breathing rate slow as much as possible.

You can start the exercise 10 times per minute and gradually reduce it to 4-5 times per minute.

When you inhale, use your nose to inhale slowly. It is intended that the breath you breathe naturally reaches Dantian. At this time, the abdominal muscles try to relax, and the lower abdomen slowly swells up a little, then breathes out slowly from your mouth.

When exhaling, the abdominal muscles try to contract and the lower abdomen is recessed.

Exhale and breathe naturally, don’t hold your breath, and don’t be nervous.

At first, it ‘s not easy to concentrate on your thoughts, but it ‘s okay. As long as you keep exercising every day, you will gradually develop your habit.

  In addition to activating the nine meridians and channels of the lower abdomen, the abdominal breathing enriches the innate and acquired air, and also increases alveolar ventilation and direct natural massage to the abdominal cavity, thereby promoting the activities of meridian qi and blood in these organs and enhancing their functions.
Therefore, abdominal breathing is another important means of training meridians.

  3.After the two-legged physical exercise has entered the middle-aged and the elderly, it is best to use a two-legged physical activity suitable for individuals to keep the body healthy.

You can choose Tai Chi, various fitness martial arts, light running, walking, and various indoor fitness exercises, such as middle-aged and elderly disco, various aerobics, etc., according to your physical strength and good health.

  Why exercise with two legs?

This is because a person’s legs each have three Yins, and the three Yangs have six solemn movements.

These 12 meridians, plus the eight odd meridians, include the penis and yang spines, which are responsible for human activity, and the yin and yang dimensions, which are in charge of yin-yang balance.

The movement of the two legs naturally inspired the meridians of these nearly 20 meridians.

In addition, the muscle movements of the legs must also cause the upper limb skeletal and whole body movements through the reflection of the nerves, and stimulate the cardiovascular respiratory center, increase the cardiac output and lung ventilation, make the whole body qi and blood flow, and the functions of the visceraReach a balance of production and analysis.

  Note: Pregnant women generally do not massage Hegu points; patients with poor constitution should not give alternative stimulation.