after all,Just recently Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan made an observation of Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan should follow Lin Yuner’s words,Never say a word。

and so,As long as Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng can smoothly let Lin Yuner relax,Then this matter is much simpler。
Liu Chunlan watched Lin Yuner agree so happy,I said directly to Lin Yuna:
“Yoona,You promised mom and dad yourself this matter,Don’t regret it for a while!”
“mom,What are you talking about?It’s just a matter of buying a decorative painting,Why are you talking about this thing so scary?!Don’t worry,Things i promised,I will never go back。”
Liu Chunlan said with confidence:
“Actually,Yesterday, father and mother went to your Aunt Liu’s house,You also know,Your Aunt Liu’s son,Getting married soon,So?Your Aunt Liu took me and your father to her son’s new house to see。”
Lin Yuner raised her eyebrows,Asked:“Aunt Liu’s son is getting married?You and Dad went to his son’s new house?mom,Won’t you tell me,You and Dad are optimistic about something from Aunt Liu’s son’s house, right??”
Liu Chunlan heard Lin Yuner say that,My eyes stared slightly,Groan:
“Yoona,Look at you kid,What are you talking about?How are mom and dad,Can you still ask for something from someone’s new house??”
Lin Yuner hurriedly said with a smiling face:“how could be?how could be?Mother, go on,I’m listening?”
Liu Chunlan gave Lin Yuner a white look,And then continued:“Mom and Dad,I saw the wedding photos hanging everywhere in my new house,I’m so envious,Really,Yoona,Mother won’t lie to you,Full house wedding photos,Especially when you enter the main entrance,That wedding photo as big as a whole wall,It’s just beautiful!”
Lin Yuner still doesn’t understand Liu Chunlan’s meaning,and so,Just asked quietly:
“so,Mom what do you mean?”