Xia Chenglong gives the order,The people who were already standing in a row disappeared after hearing the order,The powerful martial arts will be released desperately in the next moment。
How could those spirit beasts be opponents to the Firepower Net composed of two-digit level 5 or higher Saint-level masters。
Even if it’s a holy stage or above。I have unimaginable power!
Xia Chenglong and Lu Lao didn’t make a move,They represent the final verdict,Or handling of unexpected situations,So just watch,Watching everyone who was just shocked vent their dissatisfaction。
The three brothers of the Mo family dare to cooperate,So good that it can be described as perfect,As if the one in front of everyone。
Integrate the power of three people into you personally,Needless to say, how powerful it is。
The unique Mo family technique drives the whole body’s spiritual energy to directly appear a spiritual palm。
After those spirit beasts encountered this terrible spiritual palm,Fly to a far place without resistance。
Except for the Spirit Palm,After the next moment of violence,The messy spiritual palm is directly transformed into a huge one,Push those guys away brutally。
Compared to their fight,Other people are also dancing,Every dance will make dozens of spirit beasts fly,No pressure。
But this battle didn’t last long before it started to change,The spirit beast that came in behind was able to withstand their attack。
So that the sword that would go out at will was almost cut off by the opponent。
Everyone returned,Shake hands,Become more interested in these things,Then come on!
Lu Lao and Xia Chenglong are behind,Everyone can ask for help,But they didn’t do it,Because it’s an insult to them。
“Mo Xing Tian Xia!”
The three shouted out at the same time and anything that entered in their area would be cut in half。