Even if Li Hui is able to avoid,He also has follow-up。

Peng Yiguo huge sound,Let everyone present in the scene。
Dawn climbed directly from the ground。
The moment just now,He felt that Li took his hands quickly to pick up his leg.,Then I fleate him out.。
“Humph,Boy,It seems that you really have two times.。”
Since you can’t use your legs,Dawn is directly changed to close。
But soon he was surprised.,Because with his close,Li Hui Feng actually directly launched an attack。
Peng Pendan is close to each time,I haven’t waited for him to fist,It was directly killed by Li Hui’s death.,It’s almost in the past few times.,Although he practiced the brain spoon,But if you are fell, there is still a danger of life.。
Trifaki, I got up again, I saw Li Hui’s shelves.,Some hair。
Because he has recognized this kind of fall。
“Now you still want to continue??”
Li Hui has not answered the question of each other,Because of his skills, I don’t know.,But he knows that these are the most practical usage of people who don’t hurt people in ancient doctors.。
Seeing that Li Hui Feng is so powerful,Dawn, the first time gives a frustration,What he never believed before?,It feels that there are more than a fighter and boxing.。
Before Li Hui Feng Kong opened,He knows that it is a scorpion.,A circle that allows him to enter。
“never mind,do not fight,do not fight。”
Li Wan Guo did not expect his own son to be defeated,The eyes of the immediate look at Li Anti-style are also the first time.,He suddenly felt that these attitudes of Li with the wind were really suitable for a military person.。
Not humble,Personality is not around others,Such a person will definitely be a suitable candidate。
But watching Li Hui’s position should be not trained.,Can so even,Also let him rose the heart of the love,Do not say anything else,It is the things that Li Hui Hui just used.,He actually feels very practical,If Li speaks from the style,So the result is definitely different。
“Row,I’m leaving,Don’t do it with me again.,Otherwise, I have to move the truth.。”
Dawn didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng did not use true grid.?
That if you use true GG, it’s not going to fight against the sky.?
Especially when I just got,His fist has not yet waved,Li Hui’s skills flew away,Let him have a desire to learn.。
After all, the feeling that can’t be close, it’s too uncomfortable.,But it feels a bit cool。
“brother,Hey-hey,Brother, let’s wait。”
Li Hui looked at the Dawn and walked again.,Some don’t understand what the other party wants to play.。
“Hey-hey,Just really sorry,Mainly you are too young.,We have some letter but,And my brother, the temper character is straight.,I am used to the guilty person.,But I believe that your strength has made him feel。”
“This doesn’t seem to have something to do with me.?”
Li Hui said very calm,Calm, no feelings。
This attitude makes the dawn are not awkward.。
He has never eaten such a big loss in front of others.,But today is still in the face of my own, I don’t give my face.,This makes him a break,But at the same time, he knows that he is not difficult.,I am afraid that I am afraid that I am afraid.。
“There are relationships,Why is it nothing??
The relationship is to let you understand that there is a misunderstanding between us.,My grandfather’s illness is very serious.,We invited many experts.,Little accidentally is life hazard,So before you explore your strength,We don’t dare to let you take the treatment.。”
Dong Xiajian saw that Li Hui is still inherently appeared.,I am also anxious in my heart.,If you really have to sin,Then Li Rong’s apple may really sell it.,There is also Su cool,Don’t look at Suye is a billion boss,But in the face of these people, I am afraid that I have to be low.。
“Lee brother,Lee brother,You promised my brother, my,This is busy, you have said to help.。”