Atomized red light,A bunch of swordsmanship,Directly explode。
Exorplant face each other,I don’t understand what happened.。
Liao Wenjie does not explain,I know myself,Intuitive telling him,Due to a smile, there is a malicious,Definitely nothing to do。
After all, when he did something bad, it was so laugh.,Unfair!
“gentlemen,everything is over……NS?”
Shallow witch tangled sound,The previous query is denied,She doesn’t know how to talk.。
Liao Wenjie,Frenzy,Yinyun tide water,Wanli clear sky,Sunshine dispersed cold,I also spread the haze of everyone。
“Really end?!”
Interverence of the door of hell in front of the front floor,I really want to say a sentence.,This is not the end,But just start。
“Feel sorry,I almost forgot this.。”
Liao Wenjie took the neck,Mind, I don’t forget the merits of prison,I almost forgot it.。
He removed from his arms‘Net world’Brochure,Run your hand in the four vertical five horizontal seals,With his silent spell,White lock chains contraction,Stand the passage of the connecting border to the needle tip size。
Space channel,Nothing,Even if the diameter of the entrance and exit is only the atomic core,Existence is existence。
Liao Wenjie said before,I want to completely close the door of hell,Only waiting for the next fullness。
at the moment,He can only seal。
‘Net world’Brochure fly back to Liao Wenjie,He is a white light shot in his eyes,Fingertip pops the blood droplets。
Blood droplets are small to the hobs of the hill,Sudden bloom white light,Creating a high white jade image。
Yuxi overall blur,Vorient with five officials,Mixed holy,Or mixed evil spirits。
Under sunlight,Half-man high jade image is distributed,Six arm、The characteristics of three measures have shown,It is the demon phase of Liao Wenjie。
This is God.!
The exemption of the exorcist face looks at the white jade image,Peacock and the most exaggerated,The reverence in the eyes is like a pilgrimage。
Say to laugh,Probably true that it is too uncomfortable,And the image of God is seriously contrary,Leading their collective thinking of this white jade image is God itself。
so,God exists,What is God?,There is no dry system with God itself.。
Point in people,It is a human creation.!
“Really hypocritical,Fortunately, my letter,Otherwise it will be like you.……”
Seeing that you have no more than a jade image.,Liao Wenjie can’t help but stick,Follow the road:“This method condenses my strength,Because I defeated Hell King,I am equivalent to suppressing hell,After the law, this method will have a natural suppression of hell.,Once the door of hell is slightly moving,The law will put it according to it.,Remember not to move it out of this mountain.。”
Finish,He stunned himself。
I used to spit my predecessors when I used to seal it.,Leave resource reuse,Experience in the disciples,But because of the end of the final,One generation is not as good as one generation,The devil that causing the escape of the seal set off a hurricane。
did not expect,At his side,The result is the same。
Liao Wenjie can even make up the picture,Several years later,Hell rope,White jade image,Human life,The poster is spitted, his predecessor is not reliable.。