“Don’t worry, Mr. Xia,I have done this,It will be delivered within these two days”Xi Zhen said with a smile。

Xia Jianyi listen,Smiled and said:“it is good!Then you and Lin Wei will take a rest in the car,Mayor Ouyang and I will be here”When Xia Jian said this,,I saw that Mayor Zhao was already standing on the balcony。
“Mayor Ouyang Hong!Hard work this time”Secretary Wang greeted him from his room。
Ouyang Hong was taken aback,Then reached out,Shake with Secretary Wang。She smiled and said:“It should be,Let’s go up and talk to Mayor Zhao”
“it is good!Mayor Zhao is upstairs,You go up!“Secretary Wang said,So I turned around and said hello to Xia Jian。When Xia Jian saw this person before,,Feel very annoying。But now it looks,What kind of feeling seems to be gone。
Mayor Zhao welcomed them into the office,And said straightforwardly:“I can’t do anything about Xiping Village,As for how to do it,How much does it cost,I really can’t control,It’s up to them“
“Don’t worry about this,Mr. Zhao said,Temporary difficulties they overcome by themselves,She won’t come to trouble you,But I’ll talk about the rest。So how do you report must be reported,As for whether the above approval or not, it is their business”Ouyang Hong said seriously。
Mayor Zhao glanced at Xia Jian and said with a smile:“When Mayor Wang called yesterday,And said it specifically,He said that Mayor Ouyang lives in Xiping Village to supervise the work,This is something that makes him very happy。But we can’t put him together,Of course he is joking”
“I did this out of helplessness,Actually, I know it clearly,I live in Xiping Village,Many people don’t know how to arrange me。Of course,Most people say I am partial,I am heading towards Pingyang Town for everything,Towards Xiping Village。But the current situation,Am I going to point??”Ouyang Hong’s grievance。
Mayor Zhao obviously lost a lot of weight during this period,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Thanks to your reminder this time,It’s not more serious than this”
“Hey!It’s also a coincidence,Actually, I hope that what I say is false“Xia Jian let out a sigh of relief。His two predictions unexpectedly became reality。Afterwards, he himself felt that he was about to become a prophet。
Three people sitting together,Discussed the reconstruction of the greenhouse and breeding factory in Xiping Village again。Until everyone feels that there are no comments,Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong just walked out of Mayor Zhao’s office。