Test your work from praise

Test your work from praise

Translation: Here is a couple of men and women who are talking and the girl is smiling, so what exactly does this man say to this woman in your eyes?

  A: You are so versatile and smart B: You are so lively and generous C: Your taste is so good, you are always beautiful and stylish D: You are really gentle Answer analysis: A: You are really soft and movedType-You are a person who can express your likes and dislikes plainly, because you never taboo against your emotions, so others are a passionate home.

I will actively work hard on the things I desire, the harder it is to achieve, the more I want to complete, I do n’t like the old-fashioned way of life.

  B: You are really lively, cautious, and safe-a person who is often unrealistically placed, but when things happen, decisions must be made and they are quite conservative, but they will faithfully work hard to complete the tasks that have been explained, Will be loved by the elders in the company and at home, and will never resist the elders for their own opinions.

  C: Your taste is so good. You are always dressed up pretty and rebellious, rebellious-when you are instructed to do something, you will never do it well.

I hate generalization very much, and very talented in creation. I will never give up on what I think is right, and will fight to the end.

  D: You are very gentle, reasonable, and intellectual-you may be regarded by your friends as a very cold and ruthless person, because you rarely show overreaction to anything, such as yelling.

Because when you encounter something, you usually analyze, organize, and make decisions from various angles, and you will not be judged by feelings. It is very suitable for compulsory teaching work or judicial administrative related work.