Who can think of it,There is actually a big scientific man hidden in the audience,And still a foreigner。

The key is that foreigners are very interested in the bold ideas proposed by Lu Menglin on stage,Fools can see it,Lu Menglin’s words have completely ignited the passion of foreigners,Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so excited to rush to the stage,This move is no different from those enthusiastic fans。
Can make foreign scientists shocked by the existence of heaven and man,Lu Menglin’s performance,Let almost everyone present have a feeling of being proud,A strong sense of national pride emerges spontaneously。
Compared with this foreign scientist who once presided over the manufacture of antimatter space probes,Sun Bin, a member of local research institutes in China,The professional achievements of both parties are completely incomparable。
Lu Menglin finally figured out the intentions of the white-haired foreigner,Can’t help but shrug,Smiled:“Ok。We can exchange contact information later,But before that,I still have something to deal with。”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin picked up the microphone on the podium,Said with a smile:“I need an apology。”
“apologize!apologize!”The audience suddenly rang out like thunder。
Master Xiao Wang finally panicked this time,He did not expect that Sun Bin would fail professionally,I didn’t even think that a foreign scientist came in unexpectedly,And it’s actually doing antimatter research。
Of course, Master Xiao Wang is not willing to apologize to Lu Menglin in public,Struggling:“Even if you can prove that you know a little science,I can’t prove that you wrote that article。Moreover,Who knows if you are in collusion。”
He said this so much that he didn’t even believe it。
“apologize!apologize!”The voices around are still strong。
Master Xiao Wang became angry,Shouted:“I didn’t ask,He apologized,none of my business!”