With invitation,Chen Geng came to the North American Chinese United Chamber of Commerce。
After all, it’s a chamber of commerce of Chinese Americans,as a Chinese,Chen Geng still hopes to get to know more compatriots through this organization。
Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,He turned out to be Zhang Zongping, vice president of the Michigan Chapter of the North American Chinese United Chamber of Commerce,English name is Jones,When I knew Zhang Zongping,Chen Geng was a little surprised,Because according to his observation,It seems that Vice Chairman Zhang is deliberately waiting for him。
“Brother,How old is your brother,I dared to call you brother,”See Chen Geng want to speak,Zhang Zongping waved his hand:“you are welcome,We are talking about a chamber of commerce,But in fact, the purpose of establishing the Chamber of Commerce,The big guys hug together to keep warm,When someone has a problem, everyone will help、Help,Regardless of the president、Vice President these,No matter how much money,Everyone comes according to age,The elders are called brother,I suffer a little at a young age……”
Zhang Zongping50Many years old,It’s okay to call yourself old brother,Chen Geng hesitated,Finally nodded:“Since this is the rule of our Chamber of Commerce,Then I will dare to call you Brother Zhang。”
“Ugh,That’s right,”50Many-year-old Zhang Zongping firmly held Chen Geng’s hand,Feeling:“I always think I’m still young,But after hearing about what you did recently,I admire it,Good guy,Half of the city is a sensation……”
Not finished yet,Chen Geng already knew what Zhang Zongping was talking about,Except driving the car1951Ferrari212The Detroit parade,What else?
Waved his hand quickly:“Brother, don’t laugh at me,Tell you the truth,I actually don’t understand these things at all,I fooled the foreign devil。”
“real or fake?”Zhang Zongping was taken aback:“I heard,Brother, you have a lot of power,Even Americans are terrified‘Car of doom’The doom and curse on the world can be eliminated,I heard that many people are planning to ask you to do things,Among them are many foreign devils……”
“I don’t tell lies in front of you,”Chen Geng smiled bitterly:“I know what strange gossip,It’s really bullying foreign devils who don’t understand our traditional culture,Find someone to get a shinto robe,Learned a few Taoist tricks to fool them,How can foreign devils compete with us??Just two or three blows。”
What Chen Geng said is not like a lie,Zhang Zongping couldn’t help but smile:“Brother, you deceived a lot of people,to be honest,I heard that the news went to San Francisco,The business of some Taoist priests in Chinatown has improved a lot……”
“what……There is such a thing?”Chen Geng laughed bitterly at himself:“that……Since I helped my compatriots,I’ve done good deeds。”
The two looked at each other,Can’t help laughing。