He did take off,But not pressing,But jump on the spot,Made a seemingly meaningless move。

Chen Guohan’s huge body threw heavily on the floor,Just pounced,Pounced at the feet of Iori。
jumpCThree types of sunflower!Lu Menglin smiled,Almost instinctively played the fame stunt of Iori。
This set only uses half,Chen Guohan of Kim Jong-hui died,Shrank to the corner and cried bitterly。
Everyone was shocked,Who can think of it,Less than eight seconds to start,Chen Guohan, the natal hero of seeded player Kim Jong-hui,I was killed in Huangquan。
And the more weird thing is,More than half of the people present,Including the referee,Both cast their eyes on Lu Menglin’s hands,Until everyone sees it clearly,He never used his right hand,Just controlling the game character with one left hand。
Oh, God!this is too scary!
One-handed blasting the son of the sun, Kim Jong-hui,Are Chinese people playing games so perverted??
There are exclamations in all directions!And among those watching the battle,There are a few real top masters,Such as the Yokoshima tree of the Dark Moon Sakura Team,And Cheng Long,They all shuddered at the start of Iori just now。
that person,He is too accurate in guessing Kim Jong-hui’s psychological tactics,This is the more terrifying place,It’s even scarier than playing with one hand。
Even a top fighter like Kim Jong-hui,If even his tactical psychology and thinking are clearly estimated,Will completely fall into the opponent’s rhythm,There is no possibility of a comeback。
If I face that guy myself,Can you win?Have a chance to comeback?Several real top masters present,All thinking in my heart,Then I just shake my head and smile,Obviously this account is unclear,I don’t dare to count it anymore。
Kim Jong-hui, who is on the field, bears the brunt,He was completely dumbfounded。
“How could this be?”Jin Jonghui frowned,Fell into hard thinking。
Even facing a master like Yokoshima Koki,He won’t be eight secondsKO,Besides, they still play with one hand,This,This scene has completely exceeded his psychological capacity。
Unfortunately the game is still going on,There is no time for him to continue to remember。
Start of the second round,Iori vs. Kagura Chizuru。
Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru is undoubtedly an extremely difficult character,Even a small tree in Yokoshima,Is also losing a general