Chen Geng’s mouth twitched。

“in29Year old,John·Tostedt becomes professor of economics and associate professor of finance at Indiana University,32year old,John·Tostedt gave up his college education job and went to Morgan Stanley,During the period, worked at Morgan Stanley for more than ten years,And served as the president of Morgan Stanley Corporation Securities。
Then he resigned from Morgan Stanley,Set up a hedge fund,Because this hedge fund is doing well,John·The hedge fund established by Tostedt was taken by Citibank,After selling this hedge fund to Citibank,John·Tostedt also successfully entered Citibank。
In the fourth year of entering Citibank、That’s when I became the head of Citibank’s investment banking business eight years ago,Then you should know,in1975year,John·Tostedt officially became CEO of Citibank。”
“……It doesn’t seem to be a good guy。”A moment later,Chen Geng smiled bitterly and said to Rosemary。
“Really not easy to deal with。”Rosemary agrees with her boss。
The guy who hangs up,How could it be easy to deal with?
Whether it’s good or not,I still want to see you after all。
The meeting place was in a famous French restaurant in Detroit,But it’s different from what Chen Geng thought,Want to come in Chen Geng,Such a guy who has died in life,should be“Everyone in the world except me is stupidX”It’s right for you to be jealous,But see John·Tostedt,Chen Geng immediately raised this guy’s danger index by several levels:Not only is this guy not arrogant、Defiant,in contrast,When I saw Chen Geng,Ah has a gentle smile all over her face。
Although it’s the kind of polite smile,But it doesn’t make you feel offended,It feels like a good colleague in your relationship。
Is a dangerous person!
Chen Geng instantly took John·Tostedt’s danger level has increased by several levels。
Chen Geng doesn’t know,He treated John again and again·Tostedt’s time,Actually John·Tostedt is also repeatedly revising his views on Chen Geng。
Like for this meeting,Chen Geng explores John in many ways·Tostedt’s resume、personal information、Same personality,In order to win Chen Geng and his Fernandez company,John·Tostedt also did a lot of targeted homework before,But after seeing Chen Geng,The general manager of Wells Fargo found,I still seem to underestimate the young Asian boy in front of me……