Wang Youcai thinks,Also。Eleven o’clock,Normal people go to bed early。He lowered his voice and asked:“Is Julan there??Which of his husband didn’t come here?!“

“Her!Haven’t been back a few days“Xu Lihong said coldly。
Wang Youcai cursed inwardly,But he can’t help it。This hateful Feng Yan,Do all his good things,This makes Wang Youcai angry and nowhere to go out。
“You wash up and wait for Lao Tzu,I’ll be here in a while。Remember ten minutes to open the door for me“Wang Youcai said with a smirk。
Xu Lihong snorted coldly on the phone:“I have become your instant noodles now“There is nothing wrong with what this woman said。Wang Youcai paid to support her,But she really doesn’t have any weight in Wang Youcai’s heart,Xu Lihong knows this too,Who let her take such a path?
When Wang Youcai arrived at Xu Lihong’s place,This woman is really obedient,It seems to be cleaned up again,Also put on evening makeup,And also wore a very attractive pajamas。
For Wang Youcai, women,More important than eating。He didn’t say anything,But reached out and turned off the light,He overwhelmed Xu Lihong on the bed,Started rudely。
Xu Lihong, panting, struggles symbolically,She said softly:“I specially bought you a new pajama,You turn off the light,Isn’t this effect gone“
“Let’s get some practical“Wang Youcai was a little breathless and said,The action is even more wild。
With a woman,I naturally sleep soundly。Xu Lihong, this lazy woman,She slept with Wang Youcai until ten o’clock in the morning,She didn’t even go to class。
Wang Youcai woke up while wearing clothes,Angrily cursed:“You lazy woman,Why not go to work?I’ll leave when I wake up,Are you afraid that I can’t steal your stuff“
“Humph!You are so embarrassed to say,Tossing people all night,The bones are almost falling apart,What kind of shit class“Xu Lihong said,Angrily pulled over the quilt,Blindfolded。
Wang Youcai smiled,He feels a little proud。He sat on the edge of the bed and turned a few pockets,Turned out a handful of change,But there are more than 100 in total。
“Since I’m tired, take a day off,This is your salary today“Wang Youcai said,Put the pile of money on the table。Then I got up and opened the door。
Xu Lihong,Got up hurriedly,She is wearing clothes,While saying:“You wash your face first!I’ll buy you something to eat“