The special credit line of the establishment of the reserve forest in Shaanxi Province is not less than 3 billion yuan.

Original title: The special credit amount of the reserve forest in our province is not less than 3 billion yuan. (Reporter Zhang Que Yue) Recently, the Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives jointly issued "Green Finance Support New Forestry Management Subject High Quality Development Ten measures "(hereinafter referred to as" measures ") to promote the reform of the collective forest rights system in our province," green carbon library "construction and ecological space efficient can be managed.

  "Measures" pointed out that by 2025, the total amount of forest rights mortgage loans in Shaanxi Province will reach 5 billion yuan, and the total forestry financial loans will reach 30 billion yuan.

The province’s forestry competent department will fully support the relevant departments of all levels to support the national reserve forest construction project, research and development of "National Reserve Forest Financial Loan" products, explore the "National Reserve Forest +" construction model, establish a special credit amount of no less than 30 each year 100 million yuan. "Measures" emphasized that the province’s forestry competent authorities should establish "political and silver" liaison mechanisms with local credit associations and farmarkers; the reserve forest project loans are less than 100 basis points on the basis of the current implementation rate, and promote the highest The 300,000 yuan of Linnong small-free mortgage loan; through centralized credit, overall credit increase credit support for farmers’ forestry professional cooperative demonstration, innovation "Linquan Mortgage + Lin Right Treated + Forest Insurance" loan and other models; establish "Leading Package" and "Financial Advisory" mechanism, extend the loan period of policy loan projects, up to 30 years, solve the problem of "financing, financing, and financing short".

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