The new dance drama "door" press conference held the domestic top dancer big coffee complex

At 9 o’clock on the morning of December 10, 2021, the new dance drama "door" press conference held in Xi’an Yichen Theater as scheduled, provincial and municipal leaders, dance associations and Xi’an Music Academy, experts and universities attended this release meeting. Publishing will do not think of the red carpet links outdoors, leading guests and main actors into the theater through the red carpet, like the "door" leading to the dance drama, bringing a new idea and expectation for the conference. Xi’an Qujiang New District Party Working Committee Secretary, Chairman of Xi’an Performance Group Co., Ltd. said in the Xi’an Performing Arts Group, she first analyzed the performance and winning situation of Xi’an Performing Arts Group, Xi’an Song and Dance Theater. Secondly, the new version of the dance drama "door" that will be staged in the Shaanxi Grand Theater is deeply expected.

At the same time, the core main team of the dance drama director Yijie also shared the touching story behind "Door" on the spot, Hao Ruiqi, Hu Yang, Ding Jie, Huang Lu, Door Anti-China top dancer big coffee is also unveiled. , Unlike the guests and the public to exchange interaction, answer questions.

The scene is a "cloud,", "Yun · Interest" performance performance performed by Xi’an Song and Dance Theater, and the Indoor National Orchestra.

"Door" is a piece of style, unique, jumping out of the set, truly active, talking, and heartless.

The drama is based on the Tang Dynasty as the Times, with the "love hate" for the characters in the drama, with the "loyalty of the filial piety" in the Chinese cultural gene as the kernel, with a small person to use contemporary aesthetic aesthetics for more than 1300 years ago The university deconstruction of the martial arts in society. During the period from November 12, 14th, 2021, the dance drama "Door" was staged after the "Battle of Territory" in the People’s Theater, the main creation and the inquired personnel entered the dance drama improvement.

The convening of this conference means that the new dance drama "door" officially entered the countdown. The top-bearing class helps to create a full-quality cultural repertoire, the drama is intended to innovate, explore the new ideas of dance drama. The master creation team is now active in the artist created in the domestic stage creation, and countless famous guidance Yijie is a header; the international musician literary is composing; the national first-level screenwriter Wang Tiejun is a screenwriter; the famous editorial Cheng Xi is committed to the implementation of the director; Style designer Jaaree as a clothing design; the general design of the light is served by the relief; the dance beauty design is joined by Zhu Binbin, Wen Jingyuan, Wang Tianyun, three new generations of talents; the image design is served by Liu Wenqiang; Youth Dancers Zhang Yapeng served as a dance. Big coffee gathering domestic top dancers gathered together "The Immortal Club" This show can be described as a drama of the top matching lineup, the top dancer high-energy assembly, strong coming.

Huang Luqi, a dance, a dancing, such as the moon The first choice, Li Yanchao, three won the Chinese dance lotus award gate, and the dance of the "God", jointly interpreted the joys and sorrows outside the door, life.

It is understood that the new dance drama "Door" will premiere in Shaanxi Grand Theater on January 7th, 2022, the domestic first-line main creation dance drama, with unique dance drama, will Tang Feng, Sheng Tang culture Perfect presented on the stage, let the audience enjoy a visual feast while feeling the thickness of the Tangfang and Chinese culture.