Delta still is more terrible for the new crown epidemic?

China’s new network November 16th new crown virus is still raging globally.

According to Singapore "Joint Morning Post" report, the new crown virus Delta variably species a poisonous strain, which is the world’s popular new coronate strains.

However, many vaccine experts believe that all future new crown virus variant strains will be branches of Delta variable strains. According to reports, it is the most worrying variant of variants since India since the New Crown Virus Delta variants.

The World Health Organization is listed in Delta variants as "careful virus", which is more infective, which will lead to a more serious condition or to reduce new crown vaccine protection, and reduce new crown viruses in the treatment of effectiveness.

WHO pointed out that in all new crown virus genome sequences reported to the public database,% belongs to Delta variable strains. In the new crown confirmed cases, in most countries, the number of drugs infected with Delta variants is far more than other variable strains.

Among them, the subtype variant strain of Delta strain is most eye-catching. At present, most diagnosed cases are mainly concentrated in the UK, accounting for 10% of sequenced virus samples. According to reports, the British Health Safety Administration has now specified as "Variantunderinvestigation).

The agency said that preliminary analysis showed that it would not significantly weaken the effectiveness of new crown vaccines compared to Delta, and there are some evidence that its contagism may be slightly stronger than Delta.

The data of WHO has been spread to at least 42 countries and regions, including the United States.