“Don’t go!”

An eagle claw came directly to the shoulder,Xia Chenglong slanted back quickly,So that the opponent strokes directly across the chest。
The clothes just changed are melted away,I thought the next moment would be bloody,Unexpectedly, when Zhu Wushuang touched this young man’s skin,It feels slippery,Forcibly removed him。
“Yuan Tianzhi。”
No need to consider,The strongest attack in an instant,The green beam just hit the old man’s front,Xia Chenglong retreats,Look towards the dust。
That old man is a genuine middle-level question to the peak of the gods,It’s not Ye Chi’s lower level asking the gods。
Want to win a trick from this kind of person,Definitely not easy。
Chapter 861 Destiny and destiny
Wait for the smoke to disappear,I wish Wushuang stand safe and sound,The strength gap between the two sides is there,Even if the martial arts performed by Xia Chenglong are the top ones among all martial arts,It’s too difficult to cause substantial harm to this old guy。
For this,Both sides are prepared。
In fact, compared to Xia Chenglong, helpless,Zhu Wushuang was surprised inside。
In the face of him who asks the middle-level peak of the gods,The other party can quickly make the most important choice,This grasp of the timing of the battle,I am afraid that even Yang Tian may not have it。
If both parties are of the same level,Or this guy goes in and asks the gods,He may not be able to get a good point。
The facts are like this。
Those who secretly observed in the distance exclaimed,When is entering the holy realm strong enough to compete with the middle-level pinnacle’s questioning spirit realm?。