Lychee jelly through,Is transparent and condensed,Excellent ice。Translucent and very delicate jelly,Clear to fine lines visible,If you look closely, you will find that there are texture lines like carrot silk,But not too rough,Affect the overall texture。

Ordinary white agate is not very valuable,You can buy a bracelet for a hundred and tens of dollars。But the lychee jelly can’t be compared,This little piece,Tens of thousands are not a problem。
“Lychee jelly with white agate,Plus the texture engraving on the safety button,10,000 to 20,000!The specific price is hard to say。but,If you don’t have a tight hand,I suggest keeping it for yourself。”
Hear this,The people in the live broadcast room only have envy and envy!Hundreds of dollars,It costs tens of thousands of yuan to change hands。
Hua Zi took the safety buckle carefully,Put away preciously,The joy that cannot be hidden on the face。
At this moment,Wang Kuan speaks:“Take my car over there later!My friend is not far away。”
“it is good,Or go now!”Hu Yang is almost shopping,Did not stay。
“That’s the best,please!”
Populus sees Huazi:“Go together?”
Hua Zi has a snack,Long-term knowledge is good:“Not convenient?”
Hu Yang looks at Wang Kuan,Wang Kuan nodded,Means no problem!
Chapter VII Stretch(Seeking collection recommendation)
Saw Wang Kuan Benz,Everyone shouts the rich,Someone checked it online,This car costs more than two million!
Wang Kuan can’t say far,But it’s still about half an hour in his car,ToYXAn antique street in the district。There are no stalls in this street,Antique shops on both sides。
Hu Yang told friends in the live broadcast room:“Don’t look at these stores,But a store can’t be bought without tens of millions。”
The land at this location is just an inch of gold,Don’t talk about a store,And antiques in the shop。
Wang Kuan nodded in agreement:“indeed,This location is also a prime location,A hundred square meters of land may cost tens of millions。I didn’t have much ability before,Otherwise, the fried land would have been sent。”
Huazi is from Yangcheng,Just live in the suburbs,Not much developed yet,Did not enjoy the wealth brought by the land。