“The woman seems to have lost her memory because of the accident,So Qi Xianwei took this opportunity to make up her memory,Most of the content is about her close relationship with Qi’s family,By the way, to discredit Cheng’s family,Attribute all her bad experiences to the Cheng family,I have participated in many of the things in it before,In fact, the Qi family did everything behind,Qi Xianwei did this,Is just planting the blame。”

This time Cheng Yunxiao did not speak after listening,She frowned slightly,Guess the reason,But didn’t think about it,I decided to wait to hear all the content,Sort out clues。
“having said so much,Who the hell is that woman,do you know?”、
“of course,I deliberately brought the information I secretly investigated。”Talking,Zheng Ye took out a stack from his jacket pocket and folded it into a squareA4paper,These materials were forcibly stacked into small pieces,So it looks crumpled。
Cheng Yunxiao took the information with some disgust,Open it,I was surprised by the conspicuous name and photo on the first piece of paper。
“Time twilight?”
“You know her?”
“Ah……The world is so small。”
She sneered,I didn’t look at the next few photos,Put the information directly on the table。
“Doesn’t she have a boyfriend??Qi Xianwei caught her,What about the other one?”
“I don’t know this,I don’t even know she has a boyfriend,When I was taken to the villa under house arrest,She’s the only one。”
Zheng Ye saw that Cheng Yunxiao asked,I was surprised,So these people know each other。
But he concealed something about Yu Zhe,Firstly, I don’t think it matters.,After all, since he received the call last time,I haven’t heard of this man before,I also feel that there is no need to involve such an outsider in the dispute。
And secondly,Actually, this time I just wanted to say something about Shiguluo,Any other information,Even if he knows,I don’t plan to tell Cheng’s family,He doesn’t want to work faithfully for any organization,Betray the Qi family and go to the Cheng family,Just for revenge。
Cheng Yunxiao didn’t say anything after listening,Hooking the corners of the mouth,I can’t tell whether I believe this or not,She didn’t speak for ten seconds,It should be the scariest moment in this room。
“What you said,I will let my people verify,Besides,Is there anything else??”
She finally spoke,Eased a lot of tension。
“No more,Then I am going back。”
Zheng Ye got up and planned to leave,Qi’s Villa is almost two hours’ drive from here,If you don’t hurry back,I can’t keep up with the shift time and sneak in。