Workplace Psychology: 20 Nirvana Skills That Easily Move Your Boss

Workplace Psychology: 20 Nirvana Skills That Easily Move Your Boss

Everyone hopes that their job will win their ascent in the company.

Think about it, what else do you plan to do here?

  In order to achieve this step, we always take on difficult tasks, challenge crazy termination times, and overload ourselves with work.

  Of course, these actions can earn you a reputation for “working hard” in your resume, but then you need to maintain your image all the time.

But I think that whether it is your work or life, the most important thing is often the small things.

Please pay attention to these issues that you may have overlooked before. The benefits it can bring are incalculable.

  1 Bring a briefcase If you clip a briefcase to work each day, it will surely make your colleagues think that you are focusing on your work, and your briefcase may be thrown aside as soon as you arrive at the office.

Maybe your briefcase only appears when you go to lunch every day, but your message has been conveyed.

  2 Sit straight and stand straight, sitting straight can make you look full of energy and full of confidence.

You certainly don’t want colleagues to see your listlessness shrinking in front of your computer, unless you stayed up all night yesterday to finish a report.

  3 No one wants to be on time and you don’t want to.

I often say “Don’t expect me to be early, but I never arrive late.

“It must be on time.

  4Leave personal problems at home An important sign of a good employee is clear public and private, which means working at work, don’t spend half of the day in the office for a movie with your girlfriend at night!

  5 Don’t worry, being happy and smiling can be contagious, and it will also make others’ grief not so easily transmitted to you.

  6 Pay attention to appearance and smell. Bringing some gum with you may make you shout thank God.

No matter what others say, people still judge a person from what they see.

So you can wear it casually on Friday, other times, please be strict.

  7 Keep your work area clean. Keep your work clean at all times. Files are kept in drawers. Everything is organized.

Your boss will definitely think you are organized in other ways too.

  8 Know exactly what you should say Browse the newspapers of the day and see what’s new in your industry.

You should stay in touch with your industry in both micro and macro.

This is also good if you have a company that intends to enter a democracy.

  9 Talk to your assistant Don’t be afraid to express your opinion with your assistant. Everything should be natural. No one likes rigid elements.

  10 Prepare a joke at any time. Of course you don’t want others to call you an office clown, but you should still prepare a joke in case you need it.

What better way to tell a joke than someone laughs at a colleague’s meeting?

  11. Stay away from chats No matter how interesting the talk is, office chats are a deadly weapon to end your career, faster than a 119 fire truck.

What is useful and what is not, you should be clear.

  12 Learn to Shut The best way people think you are smart is to know when to shut up.

Participating in discussions is certainly a good thing, but if you are always talking about outdated or mentioned things, then you should say nothing.

You should look like you are analyzing what others are saying.

Do not yell at others at all times.

  13 Don’t brag. No one likes to lose their time and money to listen to bragging.

Keep an eye on what you’re talking about, don’t be full.

If you have to blow, be careful.

  14 give me, give me, give me I’m not talking about your salary or bonus, but the workload.

If you can develop some extra work habits, your boss will definitely notice it, especially when the next job comes.

Don’t worry, the money will always come by itself.  15 Don’t fall in love with colleagues I don’t care how hot the new secretary’s body is and how sexy your new assistant is.

This can reduce the likelihood of future internal headaches each month.

If you have to fall in love with a colleague, please note that she must be in a completely different department.

Otherwise, don’t.

  16 Mastering everything I certainly don’t mean that you want to clean up the last minute, but you should convince your colleagues and subordinates that you are in control and they will respect you for this.

And your boss will leave a good image to you.

  17 Be careful of the sites you visit Remember that the workplace is a stately place and you should pay attention to the sites you visit during breaks.

Don’t go to those third-level sites you love!

Please do not.
  18 You do n’t have to look at your colleague as you treat your colleague, but remember your colleague ‘s birthday, and it is absolutely necessary to know that your assistant has a cold and should let him rest.

  19 Be a leader Don’t be afraid to be a leader when necessary.

For example, a good employee retired and organized a farewell party; a colleague was promoted and a congratulatory party was held.

Volunteer, others will like you immediately.

  20Comply with company culture and rules This rule must be followed wherever you work.

For example, you may want to keep the coffee machine clean, fill the paper tray of the copier, and so on.