Hui is not such a person,If you call,Won’t be silent。

and,It’s impossible for Hui to use her father’s eldest brother to call him。
Sister Huo?
This is very likely,Because no matter what prank fire does, it’s not worth being surprised……
Chen Wenjin considered this possibility very high,But feel puzzled,Sister Huo contacts him once or twice a month,I always use her home phone,She also said that she would not come back to Pengshi during the holidays,Went on a trip with her mother。
So this most likely possibility,The title of fire almost came out of Chen Wenjin’s mouth,Swallowed it back。
Chen Wenjin holding the phone in his ear,stand up,Out of Nakado Room,Search with your eyes left and right。
When you get to the elevator,See the fire exit,Open the door,I saw Xiao Xiao holding a mobile phone next to his ear,Smile on face,Naughty in the eyes。
The moment I saw Chen Wenjin,Xiao Xiao smiled,Caught that kind of prank,But don’t feel guilty at all,On the contrary, I found it very interesting。
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen Own person
“How do you know it was me?”Xiao Xiao was surprised,Deliberation:“Even if I want to buy a big brother,It can’t be so fast,How could you guess it was me?I still want to try,See whose name you would say。Normal shouldn’t you suspect that your girlfriend is pranking??”