“did you see that?This is what a scholar looks like!Poetry in mind!good looking,So lovely!”Middle-aged man with thumbs up,Greeted me cheerfully。

Lu Menglin’s praise for this guy,Nothing moved,But it feels a bit funny。
“You came。sit!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled indifferently。
The person here is the big boss behind the royal palace,Jiang Qizhi。
With the energy of Jiang Qizhi in the deep city,Now that I have met Lu Menglin,It’s just a small matter to contact him。
and so,Lu Menglin received a call from Jiang Qizhi this morning,The two met in the afternoon。
Jiang Qizhi chuckled,Swaggering to sit opposite Lu Menglin,And the two men he brought are left and the other right,Stand behind,Straight。
Lu Menglin frowned,Because these three guys are so eye-catching to stay here,Temperament is incompatible with the environment here。
“The boss is looking for me?”Lu Menglin went straight to the road。
Heard this novel title,Jiang Qizhi was slightly taken aback,I immediately understood Lu Menglin’s intentions。
He wants to do business with himself,Peers talk about friendship!Jiang Qizhi secretly said in his heart。
To know,Jiang Qizhi is half a generation older than Jiang Jinghong,Strictly speaking,Jiang Zhou must call uncle in front of him,Although the status in the family may not be as good as Jiang Zhou and Jiang Jinghong,But the generations are here。
but,Jiang Qizhi is a man of the world,I don’t really care about these minor details。
“All my own,Then I won’t be oblivious。I’m very interested in your business,How about letting me buy some shares??”Jiang Qizhi is really happy,Speak straight。
When Lu Menglin heard this,,Frowning deeper。
Although this is Jiang Jinghong’s relative,But there is no such thing,Buy shares as soon as they come up,What does this mean?